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Terry Lee – SCI Artist Of The Year

SCI Artist Of The Year Terry Lee

Nationally recognized as both an accomplished painter and sculptor, Terry Lee credits his love of the outdoors to his father. An avid hunter and fisherman, Lee’s father would often take Terry and his brother on adventures in the back country of northern Idaho. It was on these outings that Lee learned the value of hunting, not only as a way Continue reading Terry Lee – SCI Artist Of The Year


Be The One To Send A Combat Veteran On A Black Bear Hunt

At the 2019 SCIF Veterans Breakfast, members and supporters of our military can sponsor a purple heart recipient to go on a black bear hunt.  The SCIF Veterans Committee is auctioning a sponsorship for a combat veteran to go on this special designated hunt. The sponsor (winning bidder of the auction) will pay to send Jeff Wellington, a 34-year veteran and Army helicopter pilot, on this hunt. Continue reading Be The One To Send A Combat Veteran On A Black Bear Hunt

Sables Happenings At Convention

If you are a seasoned convention goer like me, you know the importance of strategizing a plan to see everything SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention has to offer.  Here are a few helpful tips I have honed over the years to effectively plan my days at the show.  First and foremost, pack comfortable shoes!  To get the most out of your day without punishing your feet, print a Schedule of Events and Show Floor map, which can be found on before you leave.  Continue reading Sables Happenings At Convention

SCI Foundation Announces 2018 Pathfinder Award Winner

Friday evening, January 11, 2019 one remarkable hunter, Cory McGregor will be awarded the SCI Foundation Pathfinder Award. A Pathfinder is “one who finds a way or finds a new route.”  SCI Foundation Pathfinders are people who are faced with challenges in life that cause them to find new ways to live and to overcome the challenge of being engaged in outdoor activities. These hunters also give of their time to help their communities and promote hunting for other disabled hunters. Continue reading SCI Foundation Announces 2018 Pathfinder Award Winner