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Kim Rhode Describes Winning Olympic Gold Medal

SCI sponsored Olympic shooter Kim Rhode in the 2012 London Olympics.  There, she became the first U.S. athlete to win five medals in five consecutive Olympic games. She also broke the Olympic record of shooting 99 out of 100 targets. Rhode, a Sables and SCI Life Member, sat down with SCI’s Publications Director, Steve Comus, at the 2012 Grand American to describe what it’s like to win an Olympic gold medal and what she’s planning for the future.


Mallorca Presidential Meeting

SCI has ben invited to participate actively in the Mallorca Big Game Commission and Norbert Ullmann, Regional Representative Europe, has been nominated by Mallorca Presidential Decree as a member of this Commission.

Shown after the Decree’s announcement in the Presidential Palace in Palma de Mallorca are, from left to right: Pedro Bestard; Catalina Soller, Minister for Environment of the Mallorca Government; Maria Salom, President of the Government of Mallorca; Norbert Ullmann; and Juan Escalas.


Gerlero Achieves Ullmann Award

Eduardo Gerlero, SCI Life member residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently achieved the Second Echelon of “The Ullmann Award for European Big Game Trophy Animals” and was the first Argentinian to do so. To collect the 16 species he travelled to 8 different European countries.

Shown are Eduardo Gerlero, left, and Norbert Ullmann, Chairman of the Awards Executive Committee.


SCI Thanks Government of Quebec

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources & Wildlife for the Province of Quebec, Nathalie Camden, was presented with an SCI plaque recognizing the valuable contribution of the Government of Quebec to the staging of SCI’s annual North American Guides & Outfitters Associations Workshop held in Quebec City. SCI Vice President Gary Tennison hosted the event while Bob Valcov made a presentation to the plenary on SCI’s work in Canada.

Pictured here (left to right) are Bob Valcov, Director of SCI-Canada; Nathalie Camden, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources & Wildlife for the Province of Quebec; and Gary Tennison, Vice President of SCI and Chair of the Guides & Outfitters Committee.