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Gerlero Achieves Ullmann Award

Eduardo Gerlero, SCI Life member residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently achieved the Second Echelon of “The Ullmann Award for European Big Game Trophy Animals” and was the first Argentinian to do so. To collect the 16 species he travelled to 8 different European countries.

Shown are Eduardo Gerlero, left, and Norbert Ullmann, Chairman of the Awards Executive Committee.



SCI Thanks Government of Quebec

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources & Wildlife for the Province of Quebec, Nathalie Camden, was presented with an SCI plaque recognizing the valuable contribution of the Government of Quebec to the staging of SCI’s annual North American Guides & Outfitters Associations Workshop held in Quebec City. SCI Vice President Gary Tennison hosted the event while Bob Valcov made a presentation to the plenary on SCI’s work in Canada.

Pictured here (left to right) are Bob Valcov, Director of SCI-Canada; Nathalie Camden, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources & Wildlife for the Province of Quebec; and Gary Tennison, Vice President of SCI and Chair of the Guides & Outfitters Committee.


HOW Box Wows Cub Scouts

By Ann Maki, Sables Life Member and SCI Member

Cub Scout troop #773 from Afton, Wyoming, sat in rapt attention during their recent field trip to our home in Alpine, Wyoming. Their eyes were wide at the sight of the amazing collection of animal mounts and artifacts in our extensive trophy room and their hands on experience with the contents of the Education Sables Hands On Wildlife (HOW) box enhanced their many questions.

They had observations and stories to share while wanting to learn more about animal behavior, predator-prey relationships and habitat issues.

I was gifted a HOW Box three years ago by the SCI Jackson Hole Chapter and have taught more than 500 students in area schools, combining this with tours of my husband Alan’s trophy room, which provides an ideal classroom setting.

The Box allows you to teach at various age levels, beginning with simple concepts such as predator/prey relationships and progressing to how we can, as future hunters, be true conservationists.

Student interest is immediately sparked by the interactive format of being able to touch an animal, the hide, skull, track and scat replicas.  The HOW Box is an amazing hands-on teaching tool and I’m not sure who enjoys it more, the teacher or the students! For information about the HOW Box, contact the SCIF Education Department at 520-620-1220, extension 231.   You, too, can WOW students with the HOW Box!


SCI’s Eye In The Sky

SCI’s Record Book and World Hunting Awards are a great way to document your hunting heritage and help fight poaching at the same time. Conservation and anti-poaching funds from the Record Book and World Hunting Awards Department support successful anti-poaching projects. One project that the SCI Foundation Conservation Committee and the SCI Record Book Committee helps to underwrite is a Microlight operating in Maswa. The Microlight provides an “eye in the sky” to help locate poaching and direct ground crews. From the air, pilots have observed poacher camps, snare lines and wildlife concentrations.

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