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Incredible photos from around the world provided by SCI Members. Where have your travels taken you?

10 Of The Biggest Non-Typical Whitetails

The Midwest is known for growing some really big bucks, and so are many hunting Estates. Combine the two, and you get some of the biggest bucks in the world.  Here are the Top 10 non-typical Midwestern Estate whitetail deer listed in the SCI Record Book.

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Gun Engraving Inspiration

It will be dove season soon in many states across the U.S. and hunters will take a variety of shotguns into the field. Those guns will range from family heirlooms that are little more than “working” guns to bespoke works of art. And when it comes to guns as art, it is amazing what quality engravers can do with their small piece of steel canvas. Below are several Fabbri shotguns with extraordinary engraving.  Will one of them inspire the decoration of your next shotgun?

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Amazing Deer Camp Photos!

If you’re a dedicated whitetail deer hunter, Anticosti Island should be on your “bucket list” of places to hunt.  The deer there don’t grow huge antlers, but the experience of this primal island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River is one you will never forget. There are a lot of deer on the island, and the Jupiter 12 Lodge even has free-ranging “yard” deer that will come inside for a treat.  Though they’re free-ranging, note the neon-colored ribbons around their necks to identify them from other deer on the island.

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