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Tribute to a Legend

Diamond Blade Knife honors legendary knife maker Robert “Bob” Loveless with the creation of the new Heritage fixed blade knife.

A cross-canyon shot earned hunter Mike Schultz a trophy x7 Tule elk. Photo: Durwood Hollis

If memory serves well, the Diamond Blade knife line was initially exhibited at the 2006 SCI Convention, held in Reno, Nevada. The demand for the knives at that showing was so great that the company had a difficult time keeping its booth stocked. The real exciting aspect of the Diamond Blade knives was that the science behind this new knife line was the first real advancement in blade creation seen in many decades. Continue reading Tribute to a Legend


Soft Nights and Hard Ground

I recently had the chance to use a couple of new products from Klymit and I have to say I was suitably impressed with both.  I have done reviews on Klymit products in Continue reading Soft Nights and Hard Ground

Firearm Multi-Tool

While cruising the aisles of my neighborhood Outdoor World Bass Pro Shop the other day, I ran across an item that was irresistible. Marketed under the RangeMaxx brand name, this little gem takes the multi-tool concept to new heights. It’s built around the Continue reading Firearm Multi-Tool

Havalon Talon Features the Quick-Change Cutlery System

The latest innovation from Havalon is here. Introducing the new Havalon Talon featuring the Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System. Quik-Change II is an internal locking mechanism which allows users to seamlessly change blades without losing any cutting area. The Talon’s adaptable design allows it to fit any style blade, big or small, with the press of a button. The Talon also features a removable back panel for easy cleanup after filleting or processing, and it comes with a rugged nylon roll-pack to store a variety of blade styles and sizes. With an infinite list of uses and possibilities, the Talon is the next evolution in cutlery.