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Chem Chem Lion Project – My Inspiration

Have you ever set foot in a special place and known, at that magical moment, that your life would never be the same? I experienced that moment when I first stepped foot in South Africa and instantly knew my life would be forever changed. Continue reading Chem Chem Lion Project – My Inspiration

SCI Supports Hunting As Part Of Lion Conservation

Safari Club International notes the recent media reports on the hunting of a lion in Zimbabwe.

Although we are still awaiting information on this subject, it is our current understanding that this lion was taken in accordance with Zimbabwe law.

Lion hunting and the hunting of other African wildlife, when carried out legally and sustainably, provide an important wildlife management and conservation tool to the range countries responsible for those animal populations.

“Independent scientists and conservationists, such as Oxford University and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, support legal lion hunting as a component of conservation,” said SCI President-elect Steve Skold.

“Safari Club International (SCI) and its sister organization, the Safari Club International Foundation, are actively involved with efforts of the wildlife management authorities of the governments where lions occur, supporting their research and management programs to conserve lions,” Skold explained.  “Lion hunting improves human tolerance of lions and provides critical support for government conservation programs.

“The professional hunters and outfitters who arrange hunts for African wildlife serve as the most important front-line fighters in the battle against commercially motivated poaching of lions and other iconic wildlife. Wildlife conservation is about science and not emotion. As members of the hunting community, we care about the natural world and we put our money and our work into effective and scientifically supported conservation so that we and all who enjoy wildlife will be able to continue to do so far into the future,” Skold said.

The following links provide more information about the many ways SCI and SCI Foundation are involved in the conservation of lions, as well as other wildlife.

Please visit for more information on worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation. Or, to access information specifically about African lions, visit:—update

How The New U.S. Rules Will Affect Lion Trophy Importation Into The U.S

Safari Club International is doing everything possible to help members and all hunters in the face of changing U.S. Government decisions that affect the importation of lion trophies from Africa to the United States. Below is a summary of the new rules.

New Rules Affect Hunts on or after January 22, 2016.

New U.S. rules affect the importation of any trophy from an African lion harvested on or after January 22, 2016. The rules were issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

African lionSpecial U.S. import required.

Lions from southern and eastern African countries are considered “threatened with extinction.” You cannot import a trophy into the U.S. without first getting a U.S. import permit, in addition to a CITES export permit. According to the rule, as of 2013 legal trophy hunting occurred in five southern and eastern African countries: Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Continue reading How The New U.S. Rules Will Affect Lion Trophy Importation Into The U.S

Zimbabwe Lifts Temporary Ban on Lion, Leopard and Elephant Hunting

SCI Recently received the following press release from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters & Guides Association.

zphga-logo-1__previewOn the 2nd of August 2015 the Ministry of Environment imposed a temporary suspension of lion, leopard and elephant hunting in Zimbabwe. The goal was to gain clarity and understand the positions of stakeholders positions following the recent allegedly illegal killing of two lions near Hwange National Park. Continue reading Zimbabwe Lifts Temporary Ban on Lion, Leopard and Elephant Hunting