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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

To Shoot Better, Think Less

Dove hunting Argentina In our experience, all shotgun shooters are recovering perfectionists and eventually come face to face with themselves when they try to get better Continue reading To Shoot Better, Think Less

Armchair Safari – First Prize of the Sudan by Abel Chapman

Armchair-Safari-Chapman-bookAlong the 100-mile stretch of White Nile between the Sobat River and Lake No, the traveler enters upon the territory of the unique African antelope, the saddle-backed lechwe. It is to the north bank that the search should be directed since the southern shore, with their “cotton-soil” are abhorrent to the taste of a swamp-loving animal. Its preference for almost impassable swamp affords it some degree of natural protection, and physical obstacles such as those swamps Continue reading Armchair Safari – First Prize of the Sudan by Abel Chapman

First Deer Memories

Whitetail deer in fieldIt’s a place where orange fall leaves cover huge maple trees in a vast forest, where wet dew sits untouched upon the fallen leaves and where deer browse the sodden grass. Continue reading First Deer Memories

Facts and Fictions

rifle barrels
Assuming barrels of the same contour, which these are not, accuracy-wise the odds are with the shorter, stiffer barrel. With iron sights, however, the longer barrel with its longer sight radius would have an advantage in aiming accuracy.

As a young and impressionable youth preoccupied with guns and hunting, I heard a lot of “facts” regarding both that I’ve long since learned are untrue. What is amazing, however, is how Continue reading Facts and Fictions