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MDC Proposes Changes To Nonresident Permits

Proposed changes include price increases and discounts for nonresident landowners.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is proposing price increases for some nonresident hunting and fishing permits. According to MDC, permit prices have not been raised in over a decade and adjustments are needed to help keep up with increasing costs of providing conservation work and services around the state. Continue reading MDC Proposes Changes To Nonresident Permits


Back To Botswana?

The re-opening of safari hunting in Botswana just may be the best news I’ve heard in my 40-odd years as an African hunter, a lover of Africa and her wildlife…and a journalist who makes his living writing about this stuff. As SCI has officially, I express my personal thanks to Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi; and his Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation, and Tourism, the Honorable Onkokame Kitso Mokallo. Continue reading Back To Botswana?

Havalon Talon

It’s an interesting fact that both a filet knife and a boning knife share similar design features. Both possess long, slender and somewhat flexible blades, usually crafted from stainless steel. Handles are also much alike, fitting solidly into the grip pocket of the handle, where they are likely not to slip. The facts are that either knife could Continue reading Havalon Talon

In Praise Of Trophy Hunting

While “meat hunting” is beginning to gain some grudging acceptance among the non-hunting public, particularly among “locavores” for providing “free range, organic, natural protein;” trophy hunting? Not so much. Continue reading In Praise Of Trophy Hunting