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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Rigby Releases New Limited Edition W.D.M. Bell Highland Stalker Rifle

Paying homage to iconic British adventurer Karamojo Bell, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has released a new limited edition ‘W.D.M. Bell’ model of their Highland Stalker rifle. Continue reading Rigby Releases New Limited Edition W.D.M. Bell Highland Stalker Rifle


Remington’s Model 7 & 783

For many years now my all-time favorite deer rifle for hunting whitetails anywhere in the east has been Remington’s Model Seven. Most people are not aware of the fact that the Model Seven action is not just the short iteration of the Model 700. Nope, the Model Seven’s action — bolt, receiver and bottom metal unit — are about 1/2-inch shorter and commensurately lighter. Continue reading Remington’s Model 7 & 783

Trijicon RMR – The Hunter’s Perfect Solution

Trijicon’s supremely dependable RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) optic may quite possibly be the perfect non-magnified aiming system for hunters of virtually any discipline. Incredibly durable and Continue reading Trijicon RMR – The Hunter’s Perfect Solution

Rediscovering The Whitetail

Two months after James Jordan died in 1978, a buck he’d shot six decades earlier near Danbury, Wisconsin became, officially, his. It had topped records lists for typical whitetails since 1965, but its provenance then was unclear. The antlers belonged to Bob Ludwig, who’d bought them for $2 from a second-hand store. But Jordan’s compelling tale was at last accepted as true. Continue reading Rediscovering The Whitetail