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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Of Ducks, Doves And Dolphins

Author shows a nice Mexican duck he took on the Benelli/Sitka Gear trip.

What does it really mean to be a hunter? Before I answer that age-old question, allow me to recount a time recently when ducks, doves and dolphins all played roles in the timeless saga that began eons ago when the first humans made their debut on Planet Earth. Continue reading Of Ducks, Doves And Dolphins


WY Game And Fish Department Raffle Off Hunting Gear To Fight Brucellosis

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGF) has hit upon a unique method to fight brucellosis in the state’s elk herds. Continue reading WY Game And Fish Department Raffle Off Hunting Gear To Fight Brucellosis

Armchair Safari – Elephant Haunts

For Henry Faulkner, the search for Dr. Livingstone was mainly another opportunity to hunt along the untapped shores of Lake Malawi. Livingstone’s encounters with elephants had been dramatically recounted by Thomas Baines and Faulkner anticipated hunting thrills when he set out on his own expedition. Continue reading Armchair Safari – Elephant Haunts

Shotgun Tips – It’s A Choice!

“When shooting a moving target, you have one of two choices it is either here it comes or there it goes,” — Brian Ash

You are either anticipating the target’s arrival or you are reacting to what the target is doing!  When you are anticipating the target’s arrival you are in control and already ahead of the target. But when you are reacting to the target, you are reacting to where the target is and inevitably will find yourself behind, even if you are ahead.  Continue reading Shotgun Tips – It’s A Choice!