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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Pearls Of Uganda

Storm clouds built up over the distant treeline, thunder and lightning getting closer until the first fat raindrops fell. It was early afternoon. Few sounds are more soothing than soft rain on canvas and Continue reading Pearls Of Uganda


Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

If you have taken to heart the practice drills we’ve covered on flushing or outgoing birds, then the jump to the incoming birds will not be that difficult. When doing clinics on incoming shots, we separate the incoming bird into two categories — passing or decoying. These can be any bird except the flushing species such as quail, grouse or woodcock, which typically flush and then get back on the ground and “run like the dickens” to get away! Continue reading Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

Carnero de las Nieves de Kamchatka

Desde hacía muchos años quería hacer este viaje de caza y más aún cuando el año pasado cazando los tures en el Cáucaso, compartí campamento con Dieter que en el 2014 tuvo el acierto y privilegio de conseguir el récord del mundo de esta especie de Continue reading Carnero de las Nieves de Kamchatka

The Guns of SCI

Join us at SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention as we auction a truly extraordinary collection of fine firearms. These represent the pinnacle of the custom gunsmiths art. To register or for more information click here.