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Is There a SmartAsh in Your Camp?

There is a new solution to the ever present and ever smoldering trash barrel found in so many remote hunting camps.  The SmartAsh is an innovative combustion system that meets EPA requirements for complete burning of non-hazardous refuse leaving only 3% waste. Simply load a 55-gallon (208 liter) open head steel drum, light the load and clamp on the SmartAsh lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat created inside the drum burns the refuse without smoke or smell. Combustion is complete.


This innovative little incinerator can be shipped by parcel post and can be used with or without an external fuel source. For dry loads that support combustion, SmartAsh incinerates waste with incredible efficiency. For loads having a moisture content above 15%, the SmartAsh with an OilAway Attachment provides a unique fuel injection system that allows the incineration of a large variety of refuse and waste materials. SmartAsh with the OilAway Attachment also eliminates waste oil at rates up to 6 gallons/hr.

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How to Measure Elk Antlers

SCI’s Chief Master Measurer, Chris Emery, takes you step by step through how to measure elk antlers for entry into the SCI Record Books.

How to Measure Sheep Horns For SCI’s Record Book

SCI’s Chief Master Measurer, Chris Emery, shows you how to measure sheep horns for entry into the SCI Record Books.

PH Erwin Kotze Killed

IMG_0387We are saddened to report that PH Erwin Kotze of Thormählen & Cochran Safaris was trampled to death by a bull elephant last week. He was 27 years old. Kotze was born in Rundu Namibia and moved with his parents northern Botswana where he grew up on a farm. He had been hunting professionally since 2006 and joined T&C Safaris Namibia Pty Ltd in 2008 as Master Hunting Guide. In 2009 he became a Professional Hunter and guided a big number of Namibian clients on plains game and leopard hunts.