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SCIF promotes science–based conservation through wildlife research, capacity building in governments, youth and teacher education, and humanitarian programs that show the importance of the hunting community in society.

Pathfinder Winner – Brings Aid To Africa While On Safari

Pathfinder winner Monica Kamal was one of two Pathfinder Award winners for 2016. Monica, an outdoors person with a high level spinal cord injury is constantly working with others with physical disabilities, both hunters and non-hunters, to help them with access to the outdoors. Monica is a member of numerous conservation organizations and is a Wisconsin certified hunter education instructor who mentors youth hunts.

Having won the SCI Foundation Pathfinder Award, she was selected to go with Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris in Namibia that donates a 10-day hunt for 10 animals every year to the recipient of the SCI Foundation Pathfinder program.

pathfinder-winner-kamal-spaeni-namibia-122016Monica, accompanied by her husband Steve, arrived in Namibia in September. “What a life changing experience! We are still overwhelmed with the kindness of the staff, our guide, Rudie, and the Oelefse family. They shared their home and we were submersed in Mt. Etjo’s beautiful and exotic wildlife and habitat. It is heaven on earth!” describe both Monica and Steve.

Monica’s safari wasn’t just about taking trophies; it was also about giving back. She had organized her trip around bringing four SCI Foundation Bell Family Blue Bags full of humanitarian aid and donations to a school. During her preplanning stage, Monica and Steve informed their family, friends, colleagues and the organizations of which they are members about the students’ and school’s needs. Besides their own personal contributions and others including SCIF, the SCI Badgerland Chapter and Madison SCI provided money and essentials to aid school children.

Monica arrived at the Mt. Etjo school with the bags bulging with items, plus a little extra. Monica and Steve were able to provide close to 100 books, school supplies, 20 soccer balls, jerseys and socks for everyone, scarves, caps and much more for the first- through sixth-grade students. Because Monica was able to get so many books, she decided to give each child a book to take home. That was new. Kids hadn’t been able to take the precious books home for their own personal use. The school couldn’t afford for them to be lost or not returned, but in Monica’s case, she brought so many books that each child got one of their own. Monica said, “You should have seen how excited the kids were to take home a book! We wish we had more for them.”

Monica and Steve had two more special gifts for the school–a monetary donation to the scholarship fund and a large color TV. They bought a TV to connect to the school’s computer for the kids to learn more, including about technology. “Delivering aid to the school in Namibia and working with the kids was phenomenal,” said Monica. “We were able to share so much and it was wonderful to see the deep appreciation on the students’ faces.”

Monica believes in giving back. She started a Facebook project between the children of Mt. Etjo’s school and the second-grade students at Sandberg Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. The kids get to share posts and happenings from different sides of the globe. Monica is working with the kids to write letters back and forth. Steve and Monica took letters to Mt. Etjo and are returning letters from Mt. Etjo to Sandberg Elementary to assist in fostering a sister school relationship.

Monica wants to thank all those who helped with the trip with special thanks to SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services Committee, Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris, Flora and Fauna Brokerage House, Safari Cargo Systems and Life Form Taxidermy. All were so professional and helpful in assisting with her hunting and handling of trophies.


SCI Foundation Attends 2014 AWCF

SCIF President Joe Hosmer and SCIF Conservation Committee Chair Al Maki have arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to represent SCI Foundation at the 2014 African Wildlife Consultative Forum.  After a warm welcome from Mr. Dauwd Meme, Director General of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, the conference began in earnest discussing lions, community based resource management, and the economics of hunting. We will provide updates on this important forum as they become available.



SCI Member Tony Williams with his Record Book Zambian Roan antelope.
SCI Member Tony Williams with his Record Book Zambian Roan antelope.

Washington D.C. – Today, Zambian Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata, announced that the ban on hunting, which was enacted in January 2013, has been lifted.

Safari Club International (SCI) and SCI Foundation maintained that the ban was counter- Continue reading ZAMBIA LIFTS BAN ON HUNTING

Pathfinder Grants available to Chapters

Pathfinderfundshnt4evr121213Pathfinder Co-Chairs Bill & Vicki Swan are pleased to announce that nearly $23,000 dollars has been reimbursed to SCI Chapters that have held warrior or pathfinder events this year. SCIF, through Humanitarian Services, has set aside $50,000 to promote Chapter functions for disabled hunters, terminally ill children or soldiers returning from battle.

In order for a chapter to qualify for these funds, it must sponsor and/or host an event for one of those mentioned above. The chapter has to furnish a profit/loss statement, a write-up about the event, and show where it was publicized in the media. These funds are reimbursements and not matching funds. Reimbursement cannot exceed the actual expense to the Chapter.

We strongly suggest that your Chapter submit a write up with photos of the event to Safari Times and for posting on the Hunt Forever blog and the Hunt Now newsletter. For more information contact Stephanie Gray in the Humanitarian Services Department.