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Armchair Safari – Sport In The Eastern Sudan

While Rowland Ward is known primarily as a publisher of record books, he also published some big game hunting books. Most of them were good and today many of them are scarce. Cotton’s book about the Eastern Sudan is most interesting, especially the first edition published with a large foldout map. While many think of this area for large elephants, it also has many lions. These provided sport for Mr. Cotton. Continue reading Armchair Safari – Sport In The Eastern Sudan


Dugga Boys Zambia Safari

We headed into the African bush with the pothole paved road giving way to gravel and then seasonal dirt tracks.  Bridges?  Who needs bridges?  Along the same way the few electrical poles disappeared too.  People walked or road bicycles.  Villages eventually became widely dispersed before the countryside finally cleared of man.  Game scout check stations with gates mark the route where our paperwork was verified.  Looking up at the top-seat, my college-age boys, Robert and Johnathan, had hair blown wildly and broad smiles. Continue reading Dugga Boys Zambia Safari

An Armchair Safari by William Buckley – Big Game Hunting in Central Africa

Elephant tusks, Big Game hunting
Here are 105 Tusks Weighing 5,300 lbs. Value £4,000.

Bill Buckley, like so many of his time, went to Africa for gold and diamonds and wound up staying for war and hunting. He eventually became a noted big game hunter (carrying his beloved Gibbs rifle) and was considered Continue reading An Armchair Safari by William Buckley – Big Game Hunting in Central Africa

Species of the Week – Cape or Southern Buffalo

Syncerus caffer caffer

Cape Buffalo map F028Bufalo del Cabo (Sp), Kaffernbüffel, Schwarzbüffel (G), Buffle du Cap, Buffle noir (F). The common name “Cape buffalo” is misleading, because this subspecies is native to many parts of Africa besides the Cape of Good Hope region (where it is extinct); however, that is what most people call it.

DESCRIPTION Shoulder height 60-65 inches (150-165 cm). Weight 1,400-1,800 lbs (650-800 kg).

The Cape buffalo is the largest and darkest (black, or nearly so) of the African buffaloes. Its heavy horns curve outward and downward from massive bosses to well below skull level, then circle upward, inward and slightly backward.

DISTRIBUTION Savanna areas in Kenya, southern Somalia, Uganda except in the northwest, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania; all of Angola except for the far northwest; Katanga Province in southeastern Congo (K); Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, the Caprivi Strip in Namibia, northern Botswana, Zimbabwe, and northeastern Transvaal in South Africa. Has been reintroduced on private ranches in other parts of South Africa.