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See what the various SCI Local Chapters are doing around the world to help support hunting.

Southwest Ohio Sensory Safari Spends The Day With The Visually Impaired

A dozen club volunteers turn out to help eight blind and visually impaired children and ten blind and visually impaired adults interact with the Sensory Safari.  The group worked chapter volunteers over with non-stop questions about the animals and themselves.  One of our AWLS alumni worked with a blind autistic boy who at first would not touch any animal.  Thirty minutes later, he was eagerly following her to the next animal and touching every display.  His mother, with tears in her eyes, commented that this was a much better experience for him than going to the zoo.


Conservation Partnership

Cabela’s is a great partner with SCI and continues strengthening its partnerships with local wildlife groups. On July 22, 2017, at the Huntsville, Alabama Cabela’s store, there was a meeting of conservation organizations in the state and Southeast, including the Alabama Chapter of SCI present.  All of the organizations introduced themselves and explained how the organization works along with the cause or reason for the organization. Continue reading Conservation Partnership

SCI Members On The Ground In Houston

SCI members like photographer/videographer Ron McWilliams have stepped up to help with the disaster in Texas. Stories are rolling in about the level of support being given the people of the affected areas by the hunting and sporting community. “As a hunter, I was proud of our community. I was there with my SAR team two weeks ago, said Ron McWilliams. “Every camo boat and dude with a beard showed up to support the efforts and save lives. The citizens were grateful, and we were honored to help. I’m looking forward to working with CJ, Graci and the Houston Chapter when we hit the ground this weekend.”

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Here are some images of the work SCI members are doing right now.


SCI Northern AZ Chapter Hosts Annual Fall Hunters Gathering

On September 9, 2017 the Northern Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International will host their Fall Hunters Gathering at the Orangetree Golf Resort in Scottsdale.

The event will cater to hunters, anglers and environmentally conscious sportsmen and women from across the state. Continue reading SCI Northern AZ Chapter Hosts Annual Fall Hunters Gathering