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See what the various SCI Local Chapters are doing around the world to help support hunting.

Membership Involvement

When it comes to membership involvement, the Alabama Chapter of SCI has always done things a little differently. We try to participate in the local hunting expos, we help score deer racks for the state deer breeders association, we collect and donate venison to the local foodbanks, we have bi-monthly meetings and now we are conducting hunts to help get members involved in more fun socialization and less on the work side of things.

If you can get your members involved, it will help your organization grow, and with growth comes strength. We hosted a dove hunt in the last quarter of 2016 and it went well with a lot of participation. Based on its success, the current chapter president, Chris Williams, decided to host a continental pheasant hunt. The hunt was booked with a slotting of 20 guns. I think we ended up having 21 or 22 guns, and some folks stood together so everyone could participate and to boost the camaraderie. We are currently making a chapter wild hog hunt that with big bore rifles and maybe even some of the Bill Jones collection in attendance for extracurricular shooting.

When organizing such events, you have to be able to accommodate as many folks as possible with the cost being very competitive for all walks of life. The animal you chose to hunt also needs to be something that will yield great success for all, or at least most, who participate in order to continue getting the participation and support. Bird hunts and even wild hog hunts are things that yield great success and are easily organized. Alabama plans on continuing organized functions in the future that include hunts, and hopes to grow our chapter more in the coming years. Thank you to all who participate in any SCI functions to make this great organization what it is. Happy hunting.–Jonathan Lehr


West Texas SCI Chapter Donates $75,000 For Memorial

The West Texas Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI) donated $75,000 to name Trinity Oaks’ main lodge at Thumbtack Ranch in memory of Sydney Dickerson-Matthews. Sydney, an 11 year-old sixth grader, was taken too soon from her Midland family in a tragic ATV accident this past September.

“Sydney was a gentle, kind, competitive spirit who loved the outdoors. Her passion was to always help other kids in any way she could,” describes her mother, Valerie Matthews. “I am so excited and appreciative for this amazing opportunity to keep our Sydney’s memory alive in a way that she would be so proud of.” Continue reading West Texas SCI Chapter Donates $75,000 For Memorial

SCI Southwest Ohio Chapter Helps Equip Ohio DNR

Ohio DNR District 5 Manager approached the Southwest Ohio Chapter with a request for help in replacing much needed night vision monocular units for Division of Wildlife officers. Of the two available units, one was completely inoperable and the other was more than 20 years old. SW Ohio Chapter Vice President Jim Hayes worked closely with District 5 Unit Supervisor Matt Hoehn to find the best monoculars available. Continue reading SCI Southwest Ohio Chapter Helps Equip Ohio DNR

Southwest Ohio Donates $3,500 To Combat Veterans For Duck And Goose Hunt

John Stohlman (center) SCI Southwest Ohio Chapter donating to Dan Doll and Dave Studenka of Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation.
John Stohlman (center) SCI Southwest Ohio Chapter donating to Dan Doll and Dave Studenka of Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation.

The SCI Southwest Ohio chapter donates $3,500 to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation. The funds are for Purple Heart recipients to experience first class waterfowl hunting in southern Ohio. The waterfowl migration is in full swing with giant Canada geese and other waterfowl for in-your-face non-stop action. This is considered by many as a jam-packed waterfowl hunt of a lifetime.

Dan Doll, a member of the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation, thanked the SCI Chapter saying, “[W]e would like to send a huge thank you to John Stohlman and the Safari Club International Southwest Ohio Chapter. The donation helps us host the Southwest Ohio Duck and Goose Hunt, which provides our nation’s combat wounded soldiers a great hunting experience.”

The hunt allows combat veterans much needed and deserved hunting time in the field. The SW Ohio Chapter will also give each attending veteran a SCIF Challenge Coin as another token of appreciation for their dedicated service to their country.

To order Challenge Coins for your local Chapter event, contact Dan Brooks at or call (520) 345-9521.