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PH Spotlight Sani Doncheva – Safari Season

Sani, born in Bulgaria, was not raised in a family of hunters. She grew up being in the outdoors and her passion for photography and documentaries led her to the hunting business. Continue reading PH Spotlight Sani Doncheva – Safari Season

Hunt With C.J. McElroy’s Personal Rifle At Sam Fejes Tsiu River Lodge

All SCI members are walking in the footsteps of Founder C.J. McElroy by virtue of the fact that the club would not exist as it is absent Mac. Continue reading Hunt With C.J. McElroy’s Personal Rifle At Sam Fejes Tsiu River Lodge


Some of the businesses in the shooting industry must be wondering if they fell asleep and woke up in an alternative universe — a universe that combines land-office business on the one hand, with government-mandated inability to fill orders on the other. Continue reading AMMUNITION AND THE INTERNET

Trijicon AccuPoint Riflescopes – Fast, Rugged, Battery-Free Illumination for Dangerous Game

Hunters worldwide depend on the Trijicon AccuPoint scope series. Whether it’s Cape buffalo in the African tall grass or brown bear in Alaska, the AccuPoint  Series will provide you with the confidence and dependability required for taking the shot of a lifetime.

The Trijicon AccuPoint combines the unique illumination characteristics of  Tritium with the light-gathering capabilities of advanced fiber optics to provide  a dual illuminated reticle that delivers maximum visibility and battery-free dependability.  Perfectly suited for dangerous game, AccuPoint Riflescopes are available with reticle options designed to provide lightning-fast target acquisition and precise aiming under any conditions.

Join us this summer to show support for those who take us all on grand adventures and are on the front lines of conservation. Bid on Trijicon products, hunts and more and help Outfitters and Professional Hunters with the SCI Share The Impact Outfitter Benefit. Now through August 22, 2020.

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