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Nebraska Mule Deer Receive Monitoring Devices

One hundred and twenty mule deer does are wearing GPS monitoring devices for the second year of a research study designed to aid in the management of mule deer populations in high- and low-density areas of Nebraska. Continue reading Nebraska Mule Deer Receive Monitoring Devices


SCI Members Share Their Pride Of The Hunt

Members of Safari Club International are proud of their achievements in the field and proud to share them with their fellow hunters. They have entered their successes into the SCI Record Book to document their hunting heritage and help create one of the most complete scientific record of wildlife in existence. Thank you for sharing your success and helping to preserve our hunting heritage.

Shotgun Tips – Trying To Do The Same Thing

Accepting the variability swing to swing and shot to shot was a huge understanding for me as a shooter and as a coach! Knowing that I can’t make the same perfect move mount and shot every time I call pull, allows for me to let my subconscious take care of set up and when and how the mount is completed. This keeps it out of my visualization and does not allow for it to clutter it up with things that don’t need to be there. Continue reading Shotgun Tips – Trying To Do The Same Thing

Safari Club Interview with Tanzania’s Imani Nkuwi

SCI’s Marc Watts conducts a conservation conversation with Tanzania’s leading wildlife expert, Imani Richard Nkuwi. Mr. Nkuwi, a Director of TAWA, discusses with Watts how the 2014 importation ban on Tanzania lion and elephant trophies into the U.S. has impacted his country, its wildlife populations, the ability for communities to sustain a livelihood and poaching. The Tanzania government is asking the U.S. to lift the ban. This revealing interview was conducted in Washington D.C. following Mr. Nkuwi’s presentation which he made to the International Wildlife Conservation Council, an advisory body to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in September 2018.