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Volunteers Needed For Attendee Welcome Brigade At Convention

If you like to visit with other hunters and swap hunting stories and talk about future hunting trips, the Volunteer Welcome Team is for you. We like to say that we have more fun than any other group of volunteers.

Where else can you spend an hour or two hours making new friends and making new attendees feel welcome? We help make a difference in the Convention experience and have fun doing it.

Without attendees there would be no Convention and the Attendee Welcome Team Volunteers are often the first contact that new Convention goers have at our annual event. Their Convention experience and whether they return or not can be influenced by that first contact. Greeting them at the door and in line for registration helps make sure that experience is positive.

The Attendee Welcome Team helps monitor the lines at registration, directs folks to the correct line and answers questions pertaining to registration and event tickets. Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to shorten the process of getting into the show, so attendees can start experiencing the fun of Convention.

Last year employees at the registration desk commented that folks waiting in line were grateful for our help. We handed out candy, SCI First for Wildlife cards, bottled water and program books.

Volunteers work only one shift for 1 ½ hours each on any one of the four MORNINGS that the Reno convention is open. We realize we are all busy, so we can accommodate your schedule. Lines are longest from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and that is when our Atendee Welcome Team volunteers are there to work their magic.

Attendees spend their time and money coming to the SCI Convention to help support and promote the hunting live we all love. It is nice to be able to welcome them and thank them for attending.

To volunteer, contact Vicki Swan 423 240 1888 or email If you can’t volunteer, please just come by and say hello. We will be the volunteers in the red aprons.–Vicki Swann


A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate

The Rukometchi River is a tributary of the great Zambezi and is also the western border of Mana Pools National Park. In July 2018, the Rukometchi was a dry sand river dividing the Park from the Nyakasanga hunting concession. It was nostalgic to be back at Mana Pools, where 16 years earlier I had been part of a team that had darted and radio-collared a lioness for science. That work was funded by the Safari Club International Foundation and SCI Alaska and was performed under direction of Senior Park Ecologist Norman Monks. Now, a decade and a half later I was back on the wide flood plains and muddy pans of the Zambezi River valley with sights, sounds and smells that brought back memories of that lioness.   Continue reading A Buffalo Trails Triumvirate

SCI Convention Seminars

The SCI Convention is the one stop shop for hunts, guns, art and pretty much anything an outdoor enthusiast could want. While the shopping is great, don’t overlook the valuable information you can find in our exclusive seminars.

Feb 08, 12:00PM – 1:00PM

Location: A18 (RSCC > )

Jim-Shockey-head-shot-100912Enjoy this one-hour seminar on Jim’s latest and greatest big game hunting adventures from around the world. Renowned hunter and tv personality, Jim Shockey, will hold an informal question and answer session.  This seminar illustrates, via over-the-shoulder, as-it-happened video, the physical and mental challenges, the extreme weather conditions, the difficult shots, and the political and environmental dangers that go into hunting in some of the most remote, inhospitable places on earth.

Feb 07, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

Location: A11 (RSCC > )

Denny Geurink has spent nearly three decades hunting and outfitting in the “Land of the Bear”.  Invited to the former Soviet Union via the Gorbachev government back in 1990, he will talk about his first trip to “The Evil Empire” as President Reagan referred to the Soviet Union at the time. He will talk about encounters with the KBG, harrowing bear attack stories, hair-raising adventures in Siberia and a look at people, food and culture.

Feb 06, 11:00AM – 12:30PM

Location: A13 (RSCC > )

Dave Holt made his debut-hunting trip to the game-rich continent of Africa in 1976.  He now spends six to seven months there each yearIn this presentation, Dave shares his enthusiasm and expertise for bowhunting in southern African.  Novice or expert you will enjoy and learn from Dave’s practical hands-on approach and experience.

This fascinating pictorial seminar covers topics such as arranging your trip, archery equipment, trophy judging, shot placement, common shooting mistakes, shooting distances, blinds, and clothing. Dave also covers the best time of year to bow hunt, travel arrangements, packing suggestions, and health and safety concerns.

Bullets Are More Than Just Projectiles

I guess I’m just showing my age, but I can remember when a bullet…was a bullet… was a bullet. If you used factory ammo, that meant a Remington Core-Lokt or a Winchester Power Point. Yes, they also offered the Bronze Point and Silvertip, respectively, but I’d bet that 60 percent of the lead sent downrange during hunting seasons were those two bullets. Continue reading Bullets Are More Than Just Projectiles