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The Improvement Journey

For the past four years on our podcasts, we have been discussing how you can bring your game to new levels.  When you understand that you have to build your own game and that you cannot use anyone else’s game, it pretty much puts things in perspective! Continue reading The Improvement Journey



We hunters are uniquely fortunate in that our travels often take us to beautiful places. I’m sure we all have our favorites, but I’m hard-pressed to think of a more magnificent setting than the valley of the Rangitata River, central South Island, flowing from the Southern Alps eastward, joining the Pacific Ocean at Timaru. Upriver, the Rangitata is a broad alluvial valley with tall ridges north and south, true Hobbit country. Of course, like so many places in New Zealand, part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed there. Continue reading ABOVE THE RANGITATA

Pakistan #19 and #20

After finishing my Capra 30 last year, I decided to go for my Ovis 20 when an offer came up to get two sheep on one hunt. Walking down the escalator at 5 a.m. and seeing Pir Danish’s smiling face at the bottom; I knew this was going to be a good hunt. After customs and a fresh cup of coffee, we headed to his house on the outskirts of Karachi to shower and get all the hunting gear together. His rifle was a .300 Short Mag. with a beautiful Swarovski scope. Since it was so early and his scouts had located a nice sheep not too far away, we decided to go hunting. Continue reading Pakistan #19 and #20

This Newfie Wilderness Hunt For Moose Is The Affordable Adventure-Of-A-Lifetime

Editor’s Note: Love real wilderness hunting? Francis D. Mest recently filed this hunt report on a moose adventure that is affordable, challenging and downright fun. Thanks for sharing, Francis! Continue reading This Newfie Wilderness Hunt For Moose Is The Affordable Adventure-Of-A-Lifetime