Bow Spider: The Ultimate Solution For Packing Compound Bows Afield

One of the challenges of hunting with a compound bow is figuring out how to securely and safely pack and carry it afield yet keep it handy enough to immediately spring into action should an unexpected opportunity arise.
The concept is simple and revolves around a lightweight bow holder that comes with a sturdy belt and long bolts, allowing for multiple ways to secure your bow. Use the belt to attach your bow to your pack, hip, truck headrest, blind or tree. Bow Spider can also be easily attached to a binocular harness or backpack. In fact, it can be mounted to any sturdy flat surface for secure and easy storage.
An aluminum arm attaches to the bow’s riser and slides into a slot on the lightweight, injection-molded receiver, which can be worn on the included belt or attached via long bolts to other objects. The bow is held securely in place by a gravity-locking system yet slides out with minimal effort. You have to either pull it out or turn it upside down to get the bow out. Bow Spider offers a wide range of carry options:
The Bow Spider is available in green, tan or black and has a MSRP of $84.95. Learn more at

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