Flextone Changes The Game With Funky Chicken Gen 2 Decoy

Using decoys to lure in wary toms is nothing new. Spring turkey hunters often opt for hen decoys to get the big tom’s attention and bring them in range. While biology works much of the time, the threat of a rival for a hen’s affections can provide the incentive for that big tom to come running. That is the reasoning behind the development of the Funky Chicken Gen 2. This slim decoy mimics a smaller jake, an irresistible target for an aggressive tom.

Designed to look like the skinniest, wimpiest male in the woods, the Funky Chicken Gen 2 features missing tail feathers, a new molding pattern and detailed paint that causes an instant reaction from the older, bigger, bullying toms. The Funky Chicken Gen 2 can be used alone or with other decoys to get the turkey party started.


  • Non-intimidating decoy
  • Sparks fights with all ages of gobblers
  • Small size travels easily in the field
  • High-quality carving and paint detail
  • Incredible durability and realism
  • Pre-attached synthetic beard



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