International Collaboration And Exchange Through Hunting With The Royal Swedish Chapter

Driven hunt at Forsnas, Sweden, with the Royal Swedish Chapter and invited guests.

In mid-December, the Regional Representative for North and Northwestern Europe (Area 41) and founder of the Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI, Mr. Anders N. Engstrom, together with Mr. Erik A.O. Engstrom, President of Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI (RSC), had a combined three-day meeting with emphasis on collaboration, exchange of experiences and driven hunt for wild boar, fallow deer and roe deer at the Engstrom’s estate Forsnas, located in the province of Sodermanland, Sweden.

Discussions covered the current gun regulations in the European Union (EU) and the Scandinavian countries vis-à-vis the Unites States, especially with the increased activities from different political groups and parties.

From left to right, Mr. Per-Olof Stenmark, President of The Swedish Gunmakers Guild; Mr. Richard R. Childress, 1st Vice President of the NRA and Anders N. Engstrom, SCI Regional Rep. North and Northwestern Europe (Area 41).

Participants, apart from the hosting Engstrom family and the Forsnas hunting team, included; Mr. Richard R. Childress, 1st Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Lennart Ljungfeldt, CEO of Aimpoint AB – the red dot sight manufacturer for hunters and military use; Ms. Andrea Cerwinske, former Director at NRA and currently VP at Aimpoint; Mr. Per-Olof Stenmark, President of The Swedish Gunmakers Guild; Mr. Donald Larsson, European Sub-Chair of SCI Record Book Committee and several board members of the RSC.

Winter had not yet arrived in its full strength with snow and below freezing temperatures as it usually is in Sweden by December. Instead, the hunt took place with about 4-7 degrees Celsius, which is about 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, hence weather was more as in late autumn.

A typical Swedish driven folk hunt is something to remember and a great opportunity to gather friends, family and new acquaintances, even though the snow was there this time.


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