Firearm Multi-Tool

While cruising the aisles of my neighborhood Outdoor World Bass Pro Shop the other day, I ran across an item that was irresistible. Marketed under the RangeMaxx brand name, this little gem takes the multi-tool concept to new heights. It’s built around the traditional folding knife frame so the entire tool measures just 5-1/4” in length and 1-16” wide. There are six foldout tool blades, as well as an onboard bit compartment that holds 14 different hex head bits that fit into the fold-out magnetic bit driver.

Built around a folding knife frame, the RangeMax multi-tool contains 20 different specialized firearm maintenance and repair tools. Photo: Durwood Hollis

The single feature that makes this multi-tool so useful for firearms owners is the fact that it is designed to specifically meet their tool needs. The six blades include a clip-pattern knife blade that locks open by means of an inner-frame brace. There’s a separate tool blade that is used to install or remove choke tubes (10-, 12-, 16-, 20-, 28-ga. and .410-bore).  An additional claw-point bade (similar to a linoleum knife blade) for such chores as opening those hard-to-open plastic clam packages is also included. Also, there is a separate pin punch and a 5/32” Allen wrench, as well as a hex head driver. All of the tool blades are crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for ease of maintenance.

A magnetic bit storage compartment at one end of the tool frame holds 14 different hex head bits. Included in this assortment are three Torx bits, seven Allen head bits, two slotted head bits and two Phillips head bits, all of which fit neatly into their own individual storage containment. All of those bits are compatible with the 3/6” hex head foldout driver that is magnetized so the bits won’t fall out under use.

Finally, there’s an attachment clip on one side of the frame allowing you to carry the tool on your person, should you so desire.

This multi-tool is an entire package of tools designed for dealing with firearms maintenance at home or in the field. Moreover, the tool is so affordable that I purchased one for my workbench, one for my range box and another for my truck toolbox. Rather than looking for a specialized tool, which always seemed to be difficult to locate when needed, this compact collection of tools is always right at hand. And it’s tough enough to deal with even the most difficult of firearms maintenance assignments.

Recently while plowing through some heavy cover hunting rabbits, my Remington Model 870 pump-gun failed to fire. Since the entire trigger assembly is held in place by a couple pins, I just used the foldout pin punch on my multi-tool to remove the trigger group.

Upon close inspection, it was apparent that a small piece of debris had entered the action and was preventing the hammer from engaging the firing pin. It took only a moment to resolve the problem and replace the trigger group. Simply put, the handy RangeMax multi-tool saved the day!

Before I acquired one of these multi-tools, it was an ongoing search for the right tool needed for a specific assignment. If choke tubes needed to be switched in the field, seemingly the choke tube tool wasn’t at hand. Likewise, should set of scope rings need tightening the right driver was missing. I could go on about all of the various tool assignments that I’ve encountered without the right tool available, but you get the idea.

Having a pocketsize, multi-functional tool that offers a rather wide range of uses is indispensable for any rifle, shotgun or pistol owner.–Durwood Hollis

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