What Is Wyoming’s Elk Special Management Permit, And Do You Need To Purchase One To Hunt Elk?

Wyoming’s South Pinedale Game Warden, Jordan Kraft, is frequently asked by elk hunters if they need a Special Management Permit to hunt elk. According to Kraft, it depends on what elk hunt area you are hunting. Generally, it applies if you are hunting around Pinedale, Big Piney, Afton or Jackson and not in other parts of the state, but here are more details: 

An Elk Special Management Permit, also known as an “Elk Stamp” or “Feedground Stamp” is an additional permit required to hunt elk in Elk Hunt Areas 70, 71, 75, 77-98.  The Elk Special Management Permit costs $15.50 and helps fund Game and Fish’s Elk Feedground Program. The program provides supplemental feed for elk during the winter on 22 Game and Fish elk feedgrounds and the National Elk Refuge in northwest Wyoming.  The feedground program helps reduce elk damage and conflict on private lands while maintaining elk herds in a part of Wyoming known for its harsh winters.

An Elk Special Management Permit can be purchased at any Game and Fish Office, license agent or online and is required to be in your possession while hunting elk in any of the hunt areas listed above. If you are planning on hunting elk in the Pinedale, Big Piney, Afton or Jackson areas, don’t forget to purchase your Elk Special Management Permit before you go afield.



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