Giving Thanks to Hunters

SCI’s Thursday Night Awards ceremony has been a night of recognition given to those with exceptional hunting accomplishments. This years’ Thursday night tradition will see the uniting of two significant aspects of SCI, our Chapters and our hunting achievements. Held at the Peppermill Casino & Resort in Reno, Nevada during the Annual SCI Hunters’ Convention, the Thursday night awards celebration will be a night dedicated to celebrating both our members’ and our chapters’ triumphs while celebrating what bonds us as a club, hunting.

Young Hunter award winner Ford Cunningham

SCI has reinvented this prestigious night by combining chapter awards with selected Record Book awards. This salute to chapter supporters and Record Book contributors is a must-see occasion for all SCI membership, after all you might just discover your next hunting mission when watching your fellow members walk across our 56-foot stage!

So, join us for a night of celebration, and most importantly, for the recognition of the past year’s accomplishments. Then, stay around for the all new Hunter Pride Celebration After- Party held directly following the Thursday Night of the Hunter celebration!

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to Hunters”

  1. Thank you SCI for protecting our rights to Hunt and showcasing our Member Hunters achievements. You constantly help to keep our Hunting tradition alive for both us and our future Hunters.

  2. I kinda thought it a little odd that I as awarded the Africa 15 Continental Award in 2018 which took me 30 years, but wasn’t invited to Thursday Night Awards Ceremony.

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