Spring Is In The Air!

Every year when the bluebonnets awake once again to the delight of those who love and adore their beauty, the Indian paintbrush sweeps the countryside with a palette of oranges and black-eyed Susans blanket fields with the most beautiful yellows that dance in waves as the spring winds whisper, “Spring is in the air,” the yearning to be in Texas Hill Country or South Texas on a spring turkey hunt is unquenchable for my husband Rocky and me. 

Only getting out in the middle of one of those two spectacular regions and smelling the clean, crisp, cool air and enjoying the howl of just the wind in my hair either sitting under a live oak, cedar tree or an oak mot calling in a turkey gobbler can satisfy that unexplainable urge to just “be.”

Just “be” right where you are listening and waiting for that unmistakable blurt out of nowhere when you are least expecting it as you have called your rear off and just silence.  Then BOOM!  – GOBBLE – GOBBLE!  GOBBLE – GOBBLE!  Your eyes focus in that direction, no this direction, darn not there, that direction, behind me, to the left, no, the right.  Where is he?

I called again; “urk, urk, urk, urk, urk, urk, urk…” and here they come in all their glory as our hen decoy twirls in the soft wind.  “Whoooooosh!”  That handsome devil is just a struttin’.  All puffed up and doing his “I’m a keeper” dance to a plastic hen that could care less.

His buddies are just as adamant to attract her attention and the joy of all the strutting seeps into my soul and I catch myself smiling as the show goes on.  What a spectacle!  That is the moment when I just sit in wonder, thinking how awesome and gorgeous he is as the iridescent greens shimmer in the sun. How God ever came up with all the incredible creatures His creation has involved over the years is incomprehensible to me.

Carefully determining which one is the oldest mature with longest beard takes some intense concentration.  Okay, got him.  Well, now where are they going? From the right he comes, a buck with velvet nubs and two does.  I guess they did not want company and the fun starts all over again.  Yee haw!  Love it!

This year we were blessed to be invited to the AAA&J Ranch in Doss, Texas, owned by Rick Young and his wife Joanne.  If anyone knows Rick Young, they are aware he does nothing second class.  This hill country ranch is spectacular in every way!  Our accommodations were first class and all the amenities are right at your fingertips.

The deer blinds are like none Rocky and I have ever seen on any ranch we have ever hunted, including those we have hunted in Africa.  Might as well be called “First Class Ranch” as it is definitely first class from the accommodations to the hunting experience.

Unfortunately, I did not get a turkey this year, but Rocky took a great one.  We saw plenty of trophy gobblers, but a shot did not present itself for me.  That is okay. The opportunity to just “be” in the lovely hill country on a first-class weekend hunt is just what the doctor ordered.

Sometimes you simply need to stop and appreciate even the breath you breathe.  For me, I would want to be nowhere but the Lone Star State breathing clean spring air on a Texas spring turkey hunt.

Thank you, Rick and Joanne, for a wonderful weekend of friendship and hunting. May God continue to bless the Young family and Rick’s spectacular efforts in whitetail conservation.  Until next spring, God willing, we will be sitting in a blind or under a tree calling, “urk, urk, urk, urk, urk, urk….” Happy hunting!–Dian Cooper


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