SCI President Paul Babaz Speaks Out About Gun Control

In an open letter to all hunters, including SCI members, Safari Club International President Paul Babaz explained why he thinks it is important for hunters to be as involved in fighting draconian gun control measures as they are in defending the freedom to hunt.

Dear fellow hunters,

In the recent gun control debate, some hunters have said they think that hunting and the gun control debate should be separated so that they can embrace expansion of one while backing even tighter restrictions on the other.

The effects of gun control on hunting are significant for reasons that not everyone considers.

I grew up in South Louisiana and have been around firearms my entire life. I was part of the generation that had firearms in our vehicles at school, as we hunted before and after school.

Firearm laws were less restrictive 30, 40, 50 years ago. Yet we didn’t see school shootings.

During the Clinton years, a ban on “assault rifles” was put in place, yet it didn’t stop the school shooting in Columbine.  In 2014, Alex Hribal stabbed 21 people at his high school with two kitchen knives, but there was no outcry to ban kitchen knives.

Or some may recall that Charles Whitman used a Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, a pump rifle, an M1 carbine, a Luger, a revolver and another small semi-auto pistol to kill 14 people and wound 31 others after killing his mother and wife with a knife.

I’m sorry if this seems like a rant, but the bottom line is that the same mentality that blames the firearm used in any violent act is the same mentality that wants to ban hunting regardless of the scientific evidence that sustainable use conservation via hunting benefits wildlife populations.

The liberal media will use false information and blatant lies to direct their narrative.  They group legal regulated hunting in the same category as poaching.  They call hunters murderers, as these are terms that trigger emotion in a population that has little to no experience with hunting or sustainable use conservation, just as they use false “facts” and propaganda to trigger emotion in a population that has little to no experience with the AR-15 platform, which has been available since the early ‘60s and is widely used in target shooting disciplines, along with 30 round magazines.

People are entitled to their own opinions, but I believe it is naive to think that passing any more firearms legislation is going to stop anyone from committing an act of violence.

The anti-gun advocates won’t stop at AR-15s and 30-round magazines. It is just the first step toward firearms confiscation. Some may not agree that SCI should enter the fray to fight the anti-gun advocates, but again these are the exact same people who want to ban hunting.


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  1. Take a leaf out of Australia’s book and license all firearms owners, register all firearms and ensure they are all locked away when not in use……… is clear the time has come for firearms regulation in the USA because we the people cannot be trusted and have proved it so

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