Buck Revolution

The 1964 introduction of the Buck Folding Hunter changed the knife industry in a way no other knife design ever has.

For years I’ve had the opportunity to hunt in many diverse locations, including Africa, Europe, Latin America and throughout the United States. No matter where I find myself, there is always someone who carries a folding lock-blade hunting knife made by the Buck Knife Company. Which reinforces two concepts — first, the universal acceptance of the folding lock-blade design, and second the importance of the “Made in the U.S.A” label.

The Buck Knife Company has a history dating to the turn of the 20th century when Hoyt Buck, a young Kansas blacksmith, was searching for a better way to temper steel to produce a longer lasting tool edge. Using worn out files as raw material, after the conclusion of World War II, he started a knife shop in San Diego, California. Hoyt’s son, Al Buck carried on with the business ultimately incorporating in 1961 and remaining actively involved in the company until his passing 2015. Chuck (C. J.) Buck, Al Buck’s son, is the current CEO, President and Chairman of the company and the fourth generation of knife makers in his family.

When the Buck Folding Hunter was first introducted in 1964, the Savage Model 99 lever-action was still in production. PHOTO: Durwood Hollis

Prior to the 1950s, most big game hunters carried either a fixed-blade knife or a large double-bladed non-locking folder and the leading producers of such edged tools were Ka-bar, Case, Western and Schrade. However, in 1964 the Buck Knife Company revolutionized the knife industry by introducing what would become its most recognizable product, the Folding Lock-Blade Hunter (Model 110). Combining the rigid nature of a fixed-blade with the carrying convenience of a folder, the knife hit all of the right buttons for the modern big game hunter.

The Folding Hunter features a 3 3/4-inch clip-point pattern crafted from 420HC (high carbon) stainless steel. The blade itself combines a fine pointed tip with a skinning style belly edge making it highly useful as a big game field dressing, skinning and caping tool. Best of all, this knife is backed by Buck’s “Forever” warranty. Made in the U.S.A., the knife is the quintessential American edged product.

As successful as the Folding Hunter has been for more than half-a-century, now the knife can be customized for customer individuality. By ordering the knife online, you can selected several different features including blade steel (420-HC or S30V stainless), handle scales (ironwood, giraffe bone, elk stag, buffalo horn, cherry wood, blue wood or black synthetic), rivet or rivet-less frame construction, plain or finger grooved frame, leather or fabric belt sheath and two lines engraving on the blade or bolster. The entire process takes about four to six weeks to complete after which the knife is shipped directly to the customer.

As a standard product in their knife line, the Model 110 is a fine edged tool for any hunter, outdoor person or professional, but being able to customize your own personal Folding Hunter makes the knife a cherished possession.

My very first hunting knife was a Buck and it continues to provide outstanding service many decades later. As a Buck Knife owner you’ll join a family the stretches well beyond the borders of this great nation and will always have a faithful edged friend that you can depend on.–Durwood Hollis

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