Royal Swedish Chapter Presidents Christmas Hunt 2017 December

During the weekend of December 15 – 17, Regional Representative for Area 41 Northern Europe and Founder of the Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI, Mr. Anders N. Engström together with Mr. Erik A.O. Engström, President Royal Swedish Chapter of SCI, were invited to a combined moose and wild boar hunt at the Engström’s estate, Trishult. Trishult is located in the province of Småland, Sweden. The hunt was a success, and the first snow in the province this hunting season gave it a spectacular memory.

Left to right: Erik A.O. Engström, Lennart Ljungfelt, Olle Altsäter, P-O Stenmark, Anders N. Engström, Greg van Wyk, Richard Sowry, Donald Larsson, Mats Bergholm, Torbjörn Larsson, Carl Engström. Pia Engström photographer.

Special invited guests were the President of Jagarforbundet (The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management), Mr. Torbjorn Larsson. The association has 200,000 members in Sweden. Guests from South Africa were Section Ranger Kingfisher Kruger National Park, Mr. Richard Sowry, and Mr. Greg van Wyk represented The Southern African Wildlife College. The hunt was not the first hunt in Sweden for the South African guests, but the first hunt for moose with driven dogs in 12 inches snow.

Other prominent guests at the hunt were Mr. Lennart Ljungfelt, CEO, Aimpoint AB; Mr. Donald Larsson, European Sub-Chair of SCI Record Book Committee; Mr. Per-Olof Stenmark, Master Gun Smith; Mrs. Pia Engström; Mr. Olle Altsater, dog master and his award-winning Swedish breed moose dogs.

In addition to the above guests, Mr. Mats Bergholm, board member and responsible for International Cooperation of the RSC of SCI and Mr. Carl Engström attended.

A typical Swedish driven folk hunt in snow is something to remember and a great opportunity to gather friends, family and new acquaintances!

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