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What Is With 4-Point Bucks In Minnesota?

It seems that four-point bucks in Minnesota want to be part of the Polar Bear Club.

While hunting this past November, Darick Kvam, of New Prague, MN came across a four-point buck that had broken through the ice of a lake near Morris, in western Minnesota. The ice was about four inches thick, so Kvam decided to rescue the deer. He pulled it from the broken ice, and dragged it across the lake to solid ground where it ran off into the woods.

“It felt good,” Kvam told WCCO of rescuing the deer. “It’s nice to give back to the wildlife. It’s just a respect thing, I guess, the way I look at it.”

Ironically, on nearly the same day, Minnesota’s WDIO reported that 25-year-old hunter Bailey Felix received a call that a deer was stuck on Ely Lake near his home, between Eveleth and Gilbert. Though not broken through the ice, the buck was unable to gain traction on the slippery ice, rendering it stuck.

Felix lassoed the buck’s antlers and pulled it safely to the shore. Felix told WDIO that with blankets and a little encouragement, the buck eventually got things sorted out and took off into the woods.

Even though Felix is a licensed hunter and it was deer season, he told WDIO, “It wouldn’t have been in the spirit of a good hunt for me to even consider taking this guy. He was a sitting duck and needed to be rescued in his time of distress.”  Instead, Felix was in his deer stand that afternoon.

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