Nock Out Develops Contender Lighted Nocks for the Vertical Bow Market

Following the success of the Contender 300 lighted nocks for high speed crossbows, Nock Out used this knowledge to develop a lower profile lighted nock for vertical bows.

Nock Out is known for listing to customer input and incorporating that into product design where ever possible. The Original Nock Out design with the first ever Universal Fit Bushing system was a big hit, but many customers wanted a lower profile design that was still durable, blood/water proof and Easy to turn off.

Corey Paulsen, National Sales Manager for Nock Out, said, “We feel that we have fully covered the entire spectrum of consumer tastes with the introduction of the Contender.”

Both the Contender 300 (Only lighted nock approved for use on the Mission MXB400) and the newly released Contender (vertical bows) follow a theme of straightforward design, reliability and strength making these nocks a great choice for either crossbow and vertical bow users.

“We already have a huge following of archers who love our original Nock Out Lighted Nock, but we know there are some out there who want the simplicity of an easy on/off functionality combined with a lower profile design,” says Paulsen.

Like the rest of the lighted nock line, the Contender features the easy reset function. To turn off the nock, you simply pull back on the nock. This allows the user to return to shooting within seconds with no fuss or frustration.

Nock Out states that while this version of the nock is universal fit, the Contender sizing starts at “X” (.204″/5MM) ID meaning that unfortunately it will not fit into the industry’s micro diameter arrows.

The package includes a set of bushings for each lighted nock that enables users to install the nock into “X” (.204″/5MM), “H” (.233″/6MM) and “S/GT” (.245″/6.5MM). By doing so, Nock Out could greatly reduce the added length of the nock resulting in a nock with a sleek, low-profile design.

The Contender is now available online on Nock Out’s official website or through select retailers.

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