From The SCI CEO’s Desk – The Link Between Foreign Species And North American Species

This cartoon contains an important point about the link between foreign species and North American species – THE ANTIS ARE AFTER THEM ALL!

SCI is uniquely positioned to understand this and to deal with it.

We know more about international big game hunting and its benefits for conservation than any other hunting organization.

We get a front row seat to the antics of the antis because of our work in the international area.

They see the foreign iconic species like lions and elephants as easy prey because everyone in the world can identify with them.  It’s also easy to prey on unknowing audiences in Europe and Africa because they don’t live with these animals the way that Africans do.

SCI and our sister organization, the SCI Foundation, have years of knowledge and documentation about the benefits that hunting brings to these species.  We also know how hunting is the mainstay of conservation in the U.S. and we are equally active at the federal and state level to keep it that way.

How do we know that it’s elephants first and then bears in North America?  The evidence is right in front of our faces.

In December, British Columbia politicians completed their ban on grizzly bear hunting.  The grizzly bear population in BC is well-managed and healthy.  The hunt was stopped for emotional and political reasons, not to save the population.

The campaign to ban grizzly bear hunting has been going on for nearly 20 years, run by anti organizations from the UK.

Think about this when you come to Convention or go to a chapter event or talk to your friends about joining SCI.  In joining us and supporting us you are not only getting the best gear, friendship and information that the hunting world has to offer, you are supporting our work to preserve your freedom to hunt.–Rick Parsons, CEO Safari Club International


2 thoughts on “From The SCI CEO’s Desk – The Link Between Foreign Species And North American Species”

  1. Great point! It is amazing that hunters don’t automatically swing into action when the ANTI threat will affect ALL hunters. Hunters saying I don’t hunt “those animals or in that place” is definitely a losing stance. Elephant to squirrel……..they are all connected!

  2. American hunters need to be as sensitive to hunting regulations as we are to gun laws. I also feel that those among us that have a platform to get the word out about wildlife conservation, and the American hunter’s critical role in its success, need to engage and use their influence. In our ranks we have big-time celebrates and film makers, yet I rarely see or hear of pro-hunting productions that target the non/anti-hunter demographic. We preach to the choir, and that’s fine, but we seem to be largely ineffective in recruiting support from the millions and millions of Americans that are non or anti only because they don’t know better. Most Americans are smart, reasonable, and open to new and better information. So let’s give it to them. Ted Nugent can’t do it all!

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