Rob Neilson Receives SCI Houston’s First Ashby Bowhunting Award

SCI Houston recently held its annual fundraising banquet and enthusiastically announced the first Ashby Bowhunting Award recipient, Rob Neilson from Cypress, Texas. The newly minted award was created by Aaron Schulte of Schulte Bronzes.

Rob Neilson Receives SCI Houston’s First Ashby Bowhunting Award

The Ashby Bowhunting Award is named for Dr. Ed Ashby, a legend in the archery hunting community for dedicating more than 27 years to the study of arrow performance and broadhead lethality.  Thanks to Dr. Ashby and his crew, his Natal Study helped legalize archery hunting in South Africa. Many sub-Saharan countries followed suit. The Natal Study was the definitive document used to successfully lobby for bowhunting legalization.

SCI Houston, with direct input and approval from Dr. Ashby, came up with four parameters for this prestigious bowhunting award, making it the most difficult award to attain from SCI Houston. The four parameters, weighed equally, are:

  • Personal history of ethical hunting practices and the use of appropriate archery-related equipment.
  • Participation in bowhunter education and/or efforts to forward ethical bowhunting practices and equipment through government agencies.
  • Active participation in SCI, (SCI Houston and additional hunting related organizations a plus).
  • The animals successfully bowhunted.

Neilson is a long-time Life Member of SCI, SCI Houston and has been on the Board of Directors for SCI Houston for more than a decade.  He has successfully lobbied multiple states on various archery regulations, has promoted and utilized Dr. Ashby’s studies and has bowhunted for nearly 40 years in 18 States, three Canadian Provinces and in South Africa. Neilson stated he was “greatly honored, humbled, yet undeserving of such an outstanding award.”

SCI Houston, on behalf of extensive network of members and all archery hunters worldwide, thanks Dr. Ed Ashby for his lifelong commitment assisting archery hunters worldwide better understand arrow performance and broadhead lethality. He graciously provided the work free of charge to everyone in the global archery community to help them better utilize proper equipment for clean, ethical kills.  To gain full knowledge of arrow terminal performance, SCI Houston encourages all archery hunters to read the numerous articles and updates that will be published in the Chapter’s Lion Pride publication online.


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