Southwest Ohio Chapter Donates Night Vision To Wardens

The Southwest Ohio Chapter of Safari Club International recently presented two sets of night vision devices to local game wardens at its monthly membership meeting. Wardens Jason Keller from Warren County and Scott Cartwright from Adams County will be putting the new night vision devices to use. The local chapter of Safari Club International has been helping the Ohio Division of Wildlife upgrade its equipment. This is the fourth set of night vision devices that the club has purchased in a year for the Division of Wildlife.

Officer Scott Cartwright stated that this was the identical equipment he used in the military and that it will not only help them enforce the laws, but also it makes wardens safer at night. He said in the past he had to pursue people in the woods with only a flashlight, which gave away his location. Cartwright feels much safer being able to see at night without giving away his location with a light.

The Southwest Ohio Chapter of Safari Club International continues to promote wildlife conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian causes.


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