Rifles For Under 300 Yards

Once again SCI is bringing the biggest and the best to the 2018 Convention. And that extends to the knowledge available at our seminars.

Most game is shot close, not far away. Dr. van Zwoll tells why he prefers “short-range” rifles, and how to make them more deadly. Here’s 40 years of hunting distilled from Wayne and other veteran hunters. These notes on rifles, loads, sights, shooting techniques – and hunting! – will help you kill game inside 300 yards. Make that 200, where long-range rifles can handicap you!
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2 thoughts on “Rifles For Under 300 Yards”

  1. I have much affection for a light weight 30.06 with a 22″ barrel – I prefer a good 165/168 premium bullet but there’s nothing at all wrong with a 180 either as both are deadly to 500 yards if the shooter knows his(her) stuff

  2. I’ve hunted with a 30:30 all my life. I shoot a 150 grain bullet and I hunt deer, elk, just about any North American game animal with it. It is absolutley deadly at 60 to 150 yards where most of my shots take place. I don’t use a scope. I shoot with open “buckhorn” sites. If I can’t see an animal with my eyes it’s too far for me to try a shot. I also have never ever lost an animal because of a poor shot and it ran off wounded. Just saying. Big high powered rifles aren’t necessarily the cat’s meow for everybody.

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