Best of the .30s

Dr. Wayne van Zwoll has used and written about 30-caliber rifles for 40 years. Hear their history, hunters who used them, tales from record books, Wayne’s picks in rifles and loads, which .30s are oversold and which under-rated. Learn why the .30s are America’s favorite for deer, elk, hunts at home and abroad and how to get the most from yours. This seminar will be full of details you won’t find elsewhere! Register today!

One thought on “Best of the .30s”

  1. Wayne will most likely praise the virtues of cartridges like the .300 Savage, 30/40 Krag and the like – Not to say his choices don’t still have merit and it’s refreshing to not be forced to listen on and on and on about how “great” the .30 Nosler and it’s ilk are …. VanZwoll is a very good writer too !

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