SCI-Canada Inaugurates Sven-Erik Jansson Award

The new award established by the SCI Canada Committee is named for Sven-Erik Jansson.

The Canada Committee of SCI has established an annual award to recognize and celebrate the Canadian SCI member who most exhibits “…outstanding voluntary service in pursuit of the mission of Safari Club International in Canada.”

The new award, Canada’s first, is named for the first Chair of the SCI-Canada Committee, Sven-Erik Jansson, who was instrumental in the establishment of a permanent Safari Club International foothold in Canada.

He spent countless hours on committees and in meetings to persuade SCI to make the requisite investment and to convince Canadians to accept the challenge. He drafted the game plan that prescribed the eventual Canada office and its staffing as well as the governance model with appropriate bylaws.

Sven-Erik was born in Sweden and raised with hunting as a way of life; not for sport or leisure, but for survival in a war-torn Europe. Conservation was an essential element of this practice, purely to ensure that an adequate supply of rabbits and roe deer would be available for the following year. These fundamental values have served SEJ well in his commitment to SCI.

Former National Director of SCI-Canada and current Vice President of the Outaouais Chapter Bob Valcov shows the new annual award.

A mechanical engineer, Sven-Erik worked in various management positions for several international companies in Europe, Canada and Mexico. Returning to Canada, he started his own consulting company as well as a small outfitting operation. He was also a founding member of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society.

Today, Sven-Erik and his wife Doris are enjoying their retirement in Victoria, British Columbia. The Sven-Erik Jansson Award has been dedicated to honour his vision, hard work and commitment.

The SEJ Award and its attendant “keeper” trophies have been endowed by Bob Valcov, former National Director of SCI-Canada and current VP of The Outaouais Chapter; a close friend of Sven-Erik. Please ask any member of a Canadian chapter board for more information on this prize.

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