Grand Slams Are Now SCI Milestone Awards

Effective May 2017 the SCI Record Book Department will be changing the name of the Grand Slam Awards to SCI Milestone Awards in an effort to trademark all of our awards and intellectual property.  The Awards and all the requirements to achieve the awards will stay the same and a few of the award names will show minimal changes.   This change in names will allow SCI full control of the use of its award names in the World Hunting Award Program.


  • Alternative Methods 24
  • African 29
  • Dangerous Game of Africa
  • North American 29
  • White tailed Deer of the world
  • African Big 5
  • North American Caribou
  • Elk of North America
  • North American Deer
  • North American Wild sheep
  • Wild Turkey of the world
  • European Deer
  • Moose of the world
  • South American Indigenous Animals
  • Bears of the World
  • Cats of the World
  • Birds of the world

Game Birds of the World SCI MILESTONE AWARDS:

  • North America Quail
  • North American Dove
  • North American Grouse & Partridge
  • North American Ducks
  • North American Geese
  • South American Dove
  • South American Ducks
  • South American Perdiz
  • South American Pigeon
  • South American Quail

Please keep in mind there is no actual change to the awards and their requirements, but rather just a change to the names of the awards.



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