Ryan Breeding Makes Fourth World Heritage Rifle

Ryan Breeding, left, is making the fourth rifle in the World Heritage Rifle Series. With Breeding is John Bolliger, maker of the first and fifth rifles in the series.

Rifle Maker Ryan Breeding is building the fourth rifle in the five-rifle World Heritage Series. It will be sold at auction next year during the SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

The first three rifles of the series were made by John Bolliger (Mountain Riflery) honoring Africa; Rigby, honoring Asia; and New England Custom Guns, honoring Europe. Breeding’s rifle for the 2018 Convention will honor Oceania, and the fifth and final rifle of the series will be made by Bolliger for the 2019 SCI Convention and will honor the Americas.

Breeding has been making rifles for 35 years and has become well known for his big bore rifles.

“At a young age, I loved art, drawing and painting,” Breeding said. “As a teen I also became interested in mechanics.

“When I was 25, I met Gil Van Horn (noted rifle maker and African hunter). When I saw one of his Safari rifles, I knew I wanted to learn how it was done.

“It made sense to me,” Breeding continued. “It was both art and mechanics.

“In 1982 in Southern California, I began building big bores with the guidance of Gil Van Horn. My rifles became known for their flawless feeding and function as well as their rugged beauty.

“I designed and built my sights, trigger guards, and many other parts,” he explained. “I also design and do my own stock work. My first article was by Jack Lott on one of my .505 Gibbs. I build many large caliber rifles as well as small game rifles. I have been fortunate to have so many great clients who hunt all over the world.

“In 2006 Toni (wife), Kaylee (daughter), and I moved to Idaho. And 35 years later I still enjoy building beautiful custom rifles.”

To learn more about Ryan Breeding and his rifles, visit rbbigbores.com.

SAFARI Magazine will publish articles about the World Heritage Rifle in issues from now until next year’s Convention – relaying details about the rifle as it goes from concept to finished work.

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