SCI Southwest Ohio Chapter Helps Equip Ohio DNR

Ohio DNR District 5 Manager approached the Southwest Ohio Chapter with a request for help in replacing much needed night vision monocular units for Division of Wildlife officers. Of the two available units, one was completely inoperable and the other was more than 20 years old. SW Ohio Chapter Vice President Jim Hayes worked closely with District 5 Unit Supervisor Matt Hoehn to find the best monoculars available.

After a great deal of research the club purchased two new units at a cost of $5,850.

Susie Vance, Division of Wildlife Assistance Chief said, “I am humbled by your club’s generosity. Our officers work hard at a tough job using every available tool at their disposal. Having this new technology not only improves their capacity, but likely improves morale knowing they have the support of the sportsmen in your club.”

Todd Haines District 5 Manager commented, “The new night vision units are a great upgrade to the older units that were currently being used by our Wildlife Officers.  The new night optics are easier to use and carry, have much better range and much improved performance. Wildlife Officers in District Five will use these in a variety of enforcement projects such as illegal deer harvest, private property trespass, night fishing enforcement and surveillance.”


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