Mossy Oak ProStaffer Ashlee Lundvall Receives Pathfinder Award From Safari Club International Foundation

Mossy Oak ProStaff member Ashlee Lundvall of Cody, Wyoming, was recently named a recipient of Safari Club International Foundation’s (SCIF) Pathfinder Award.

SCI Foundation Pathfinders are people faced with challenges in life that causes them to find new ways to live and overcome the challenge of being engaged in outdoor activities. These hunters also give of their time to help their community and promote hunting for other disabled hunters.

pathfinder-winner-lundvall-122716“I am incredibly honored and grateful to the SCI Foundation for choosing me as the 2017 Pathfinder Award recipient,” said Lundvall. “As a hunter living with a disability, I am passionate about being a resource to others to encourage them to get outdoors and stay active. Accessible recreation has saved my life, and I look forward to continued opportunities to work with SCI and other groups in order to protect and sustain the opportunities for others to also find healing through hunting and other outdoor adventures.”

The SCI Foundation Pathfinder program provides funding to SCI Chapters in support of their activities that engage disabled, terminally ill persons and wounded military and veterans who are hunters into the outdoors. Often, the reintroduction to nature and hunting helps these hunters to find their way to adapt to their life changes and challenges and helping others along the way.

Lundvall will receive the award at the 2017 SCI Convention February 1-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She will be presented with a trophy and all-expense paid African safari along with other gifts.


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