Alabama Relaxes Archery Regs, Offers Trapping Workshops

bow-hunter-in-snowAlabama Archery Regulation RelaxedAlabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) relaxed some of the regulations that govern the use of archery equipment to hunt deer in Alabama. The minimum draw weight for bows has been reduced from 35 to 30 pounds. The restrictions on arrow length, broadhead weight or blade thickness have been removed; however, arrows must have a broadhead with at least two sharpened edges and a minimum cutting diameter of 7/8-inch.

The revised regulation also states that crossbows must be equipped with a working safety and have a minimum peak tension of 85 pounds at normal draw.

“The technology has improved so that the kinetic energy and speed are there to hunt effectively and be responsible to the resource,” said Chuck Sykes, Director of the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. “Things are a lot different from when I started bowhunting with an old Bear Whitetail II. You had to get that thing up to the highest draw weight to get the arrow speed needed.

“These changes are just to make it as simple as possible and make it easier for anyone who wants to get into bowhunting and enjoy the outdoors. This could apply to anybody. My neighbor just had rotator cuff surgery, and he had to dial his bow down to where he could shoot.”

Speaking of new technology, one air gun company has produced a model that uses compressed air to propel full-length arrows at lethal speeds. Sykes said those fall under the air gun regulations and not archery. The air bows will be allowed during the air rifle and muzzleloader season and open gun deer season. Air guns must be at least 30-caliber to hunt deer and are legal during the same seasons as air bows.

Alabama Trapping Workshops

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) announced that youth and adult trapping workshops are open for registration. The workshops are offered as a cooperative project between ADCNR, the Alabama Trappers and Predator Control Association, USDA Wildlife Services and Safari Club International.

fox-112116chThe educational workshops provide instruction on the historical aspects of trapping, biological information about furbearers and furbearer management and the proper techniques of using trapping as a sound wildlife management tool.

All workshops are limited to 25 participants. The youth workshops are recommended for ages 7 and up and are free. Youth ages 7-15 must be accompanied by an adult. Youth over 16 are not required to have an adult present, but it is recommended.

Registration for all workshops is online at

Youth Trapping Workshops

December 2-4, 2016: Red Bay, AL (Franklin Co.)

December 2-4, 2016: Greenville, AL (Butler Co.)

December 10-11, 2016: Citronelle, AL (Mobile Co.)

December 16-18, 2016: Kinston, AL (Geneva Co.)

January 6-8, 2017: Greensboro, AL (Hale Co.)

January 20-22, 2017: Scottsboro, AL (Jackson Co)

February 11-12, 2017: Pell City, AL (St. Clair Co.)

February 17-19, 2017: Spanish Fort, AL (Baldwin Co.)

Adult Trapping Workshop

February 25-26, 2017: Lowndesboro, AL (Lowndes Co)

The Lowndesboro workshop will be held at Southern Sportsman Lodge and a registration fee of $75 (payable to Southern Sportsman) includes one night’s lodging, two breakfasts, one lunch and one dinner. For more information contact Richard Tharp at the District IV Office at (334) 347-1298.

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