Hit Hard!

Wayne killed this old eland bull at 250 yards with a .375 H&H from Montana Rifle Company

Big-bore bullets up close, or long, heavy mid-bores that carry their muscle downrange? Whichever your choice, you’ll get new insights here on putting tough animals down!

Dr. van Zwoll draws on his 50 years afield and in competitive shooting, plus the sometimes contradicting wisdom of other experienced hunters to deliver a fast-paced history of powerful rifles. From the 4-bores of early sub-Saharan Africa to the long-range bolt-actions that define current trends, you’ll see why hunters argue about “stopping power” and bullet design, which solids best put the brakes on dangerous game, how to marry fast, flat flight with dependable upset in expanding bullets, what most limits your ability to hit with potent loads. Also: sights that work from 4 paces to 400; how to fire faster, accurately; hunting anecdotes of life-and-death encounters; reading hits on tough game; best buys in powerful rifles. If big, tenacious animals are on your hunting schedule, don’t miss this brilliantly illustrated seminar! Register to attend the 2017 SCI Convention Today!


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