Lt. Nores

Eco-Terrorism: Battling the Drug Cartels for America’s Wildlife

Lt. Nores
Lt. John Nores (l) of the Marijuana Enforcement Team and partner.

Lt. Nores and Warden Karnow will give a review of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Special Operations Program, highlighting the CDFW Marijuana Enforcement Team’s (MET) effectiveness throughout 2016, and the progression made of this programsince its start in 2013. The team will highlight a recent marijuana cartel kingpin takedown case study in California’s Silicon Valley , while also illustrating the nationwide benefits of the MET’s efforts to sportsmen and conservation officers nationwide. Attendees will learn how Spec Ops teams like the MET, stop the poisoning of quality waterways, the destruction of wildlife habitat, and lessen the impacts of water loss in drought ridden states. Nores and Karnow will also highlight how SCI and other conservation organizations are helping in this fight to protect our wildlife resources, and the benefits that the MET and other similar teams bring to the conservation community nationwide. Don’t miss this exciting and informative seminar! Register for the 2017 SCI Convention Today!



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