SCI Immediate Action Alert – Public Land Use Under Attack!

Your outdoor activity is or will be on the list to ban!

donate-buttonExtremists have abandoned science based wildlife management and are using emotion to attack our hunting heritage.

Today, the attack is I-177 in Montana, but tomorrow it could be you! Your help is urgently needed to fight the extremists before that happens. Montana I-177 bans using public lands to harvest publicly owned wildlife by prohibiting trapping, a recognized form of wildlife management, to keep wolves, coyotes and other predatory animals in balance.

montana-initiative-ban-checklistPassage of I-177 would:

  • Ban a wildlife harvest tradition that has existed for hundreds of years
  • Impose higher costs to the taxpayers of Montana
  • Negatively impact farmers and ranchers

SCI has established this special campaign to directly help Montana’s Outdoor Community. Even if you don’t live in Montana, your donation is important because your outdoor activity in your state could be next. Will you please make a donation now to help stop the extremists before they take away your outdoor heritage?

For more information Click Here.

donate-buttonPlease give what you can to keep your heritage alive!

3 thoughts on “SCI Immediate Action Alert – Public Land Use Under Attack!”

  1. I am absolutely against the trapping ban in Montana and will donate to help defeat it. However, the donation form provided above is NOT on a secure site. I will send a check instead.

    1. Thank you for your support. The form is secure. If you click on the little green lock image to the left of the url you can see the confirmation. If you would still like to help by sending a check, it would go to: SCI, 4800 West Gates Pass Road, Tucson, AZ 85745. Please note in the memo field that it’s to defeat Montana I-177. Thank you again for your support.

  2. Why doesn’t someone publish a list of all the politicians who are supporting this land robbery? Put it on social media, push the news agencies to expose it, and show the public what it really means to all people not just sportsman. Show the public what will really happen to our land.

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