James Corwin Fine Art has donated an Original Oil Painting by James Corwin, titled ‘The White Walkers.’ a group of bison fight through a snowstorm in Yellowstone. The early snowfall is thick and wet and instantly clings to their fur. Bison consistently challenge the brutal winters of the west often huddling in a mass to break the screaming winds of the plains. This painting depicts their strength and austere attitude as they nearly tear through the canvas into your warm living room. James Corwin designs distinct oil paintings through a unique balance of gestural paint techniques and precise detail. Primarily focused on wildlife he creates a finely detailed subject often emerging through obscure and atmospheric landscapes. Corwin aims to engage the viewer through his dynamic compositions that stir emotion. By providing utmost quality and innovation in his painting, Corwin creates a sustaining legacy of integrity and loyalty in his art and conservation projects. The painting measures 40-in. by 30-in. For more information, contact James Corwin at 406-471-7518 and visit Donation No.: 36149

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