Blaser S2 Safari Double Rifle
Elevate your standards and enjoy the refined German engraving by Josefine Grobel on a Blaser S2 Safari Double Rifle in .470 N.E. Imperial Grade donated by Mad Dog Guns. The rifle is a display of profuse gold inlay, depicting Roman Gods; on the bottom of the receiver is Mercury. It has a butt stock magazine with a gold inlaid Caduceus. The stock is Grade 11 wood with Roman themed carving. The grip cap has a gold inlay of Caesar, the triggers are gold in a gold trigger case along with a gold locking lug. The left side receiver displays an image of Zues and his chariot; the right side receiver has an engraving of the God Jupiter; the barrel release is a Roman eagle. For more information, contact Mark at 480-585-5966. Donation No.: 35766

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