Swift Cartridge Company Introduces High Grade Ammunition

Swift Cartridge Company President Bill Hober.
Swift Cartridge Company President Bill Hober.

For those who don’t reload, now you are able to purchase ammunition loaded with Swift bullets from Swift.

Since 1984, Swift Bullet Company has provided the world’s best hunting bullets for use on any size game, anywhere in the world.

In late July, the company introduced High-Grade Hunting Ammunition in calibers .223 Rem. through .500 Jeffery. This High-Grade Hunting Ammunition is virtually handcrafted and hand inspected. Brass tolerances meet or exceed SAAMI specifications, uses the best primers, best powders, best brass, and each round is individually sized to assure proper fit and is sealed water-tight.

“Both A-Frame & Scirocco with the heavy pure copper jacket and the pure lead bonded core provide for controlled expansion, high weight retention & bone crushing knock down power,” reported Swift Cartridge Company President William D. Hober. “Whether your shots are at close range or 600-plus yards, Scirocco & A-Frame deliver accuracy & terminal performance as good as it gets.

Handloaders all around the world know and respect our products. They have loaded and used millions of our bullets, with undisputable proven results, on all and any size game, anywhere in the world.”

Hober explained that there is more to come as Swift Cartridge Company develops.

“As soon as we satisfy the cartridge brass requirements for ammunition we will make available a full line of high grade brass in components for our reloading customers,” Hober said. “Once completed, this will make us a full service provider of the finest hunting projectiles, cartridge brass, and HIGH GRADE AMMUNITION anywhere in the world.

Swift-Rifle-Cartridge_081216“We are very excited about this change in our market place position and look forward to the challenges we face. I would like to extend my personal thanks for all the support our loyal customers have provided us for the past 32 years and I respectfully ask you to do the same once again as we enter into the hunting ammunition category with our HIGH GRADE HUNTING AMMUNITION,” Hober noted.

With the proper selection of caliber and grain weight, whether you choose A-Frame, Scirocco or Break-Away for your hunt, you have selected the finest hunting ammunition available for use on any size game anywhere in the world. For more information, contact: Swift Bullet Company, (785) 754-3959, www.swiftbullets.com.


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