PH Spotlight – Stephan Stamm Founder of Heritage Safaris & Passionate PH

PH-Spotlight-Stephan-Stamm-skullsYou can say that Stephan Stamm has hunting roots deep within his blood. Since he was a young boy living in Switzerland his father would take him along on his hunts in Europe and his safaris in Africa and this is where Stephan’s deep passion for African hunting began. Since then Stephan has hunted many African species himself including taking the Big 5 before founding Heritage Safaris and becoming a dedicated PH.

Stephan’s investments in game farms in South Africa is what brought him to establish Heritage Safaris. Heritage Safaris started small and has grown immensely in the last few years due to Stephan’s passion for hunting, his understanding for what hunters want, guiding exhilarating hunting safaris, an amazing team behind him and last but not least loyal and dedicated partners in South Africa and Tanzania.

“Being a passionate hunter myself I know exactly what it is that hunters want. It’s not just to go out and take the trophy. It’s everything around that, which makes that moment so incredible. It’s the experience of Africa and the bush life. Hunters travel thousands of kilometers from all over the world to come and experience hunts with us and with my knowledge of what our overseas hunters seek I have trained my local teams to give them that authentic hunting experience. As the owner, a PH and main operator of Heritage Safaris, I really strive to have full control over how we operate and the experiences that we provide.

Through his partnerships and friendships with renowned Tanzanian Outfitters/PHs Luke Samaras and Kurt Ziegler Stephan became a licensed PH in Tanzania.

PY-Spotlight-Stephan-Stamm-buffalo-080916“I am the main acting PH on all of our Tanzanian hunts. We focus on dangerous game in Tanzania, which is what really gets me going and gets me excited! The thrill of trying to pursuit and outwit these incredible and dangerous game is something that no other experience can compare to for me! When I take out my hunters I normally take a Watson Bros 577NE double or a Westley Richards 500NE double. The traditional double rifles are and have always been my preference for guiding dangerous game hunts”

Heritage Safaris now owns and operates two game reserves in South Africa. One reserve is located outside of Bloemfontein and the other outside of Kimberley. They offer high quality trophy hunting for over 35 species. Impressively every year record trophies are taken in their reserves. Classic wing shooting for true enthusiasts is something special Heritage Safaris also offers. The main game bird target is rock pigeons, which are extremely tricky and fast thus making it quite challenging and stimulating even for seasoned shooters. Heritage Safaris operates with a highly qualified team in South Africa. They are proud to offer first class service to all hunters from providing an unforgettable hunt, exclusive use of their luxurious lodges and impeccable food & service.

In Tanzania Heritage Safaris operates in the spectacular hunting blocks of Luke Samaras in the Selous Game Reserve. The camp is located directly on the Rufiji River making for breathtaking views and exciting fishing (especially for tiger fish) in spare time. Working together with Luke allows Heritage Safaris to offer very traditional East African hunting safaris in one of the most incredible areas in Africa. They offer everything from a 9-day Buffalo Safari up to a Full Bag 21-day Safari and everything in between is customizable to the hunter’s preferences and desires.

Stephan is an SCI life member, a member of Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association (TPHA), and a member of African Professional hunters Association. (APHA). Heritage Safaris has a strict belief that all hunts should be done in an ethical way and should always be fair chase.

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