SCI Members Kim Rhode, Corey Cogdell-Unrein, Morgan Craft Shoot In Olympics

shotgun-shells-041613Three SCI members will be competing this year at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are all members of the USA Shooting Team.

Kim Rhode will be competing in women’s skeet. Corey Cogdell-Unrein will be competing in women’s trap and Morgan Craft will be competing in women’s skeet. Because of her record and number of Olympics she’s competed in, Rhode could set a number of Olympic records this year.

“There is a whole bunch of record stuff going on here,” said Richard Rhode, Kim’s father, as he and I discussed Kim’s amazing career as a shooter.

“She is shooting really good,” he said, noting that recently she shot all day long and didn’t miss one target (out of 500 or so targets that day).

“Everything has to go your way,” Richard continued. “She’s right in there. She’s going to give them a good run for the money at least.”

“I am so excited and blessed to be preparing for my third Olympic Games,” said Corey Cogdell-Unrein. “I have grown and learned so much over the last four years working towards this opportunity once again.

“I am much more confident in my technique and mental game as the last two years have been the best and most consistent of my career thus far,” she explained. “one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is attending opening ceremonies again. Opening ceremonies is one of the most pride filled moments for our country I have ever experienced. Walking in with over 500 American athletes all chanting USA is truly amazing.”

Interesting statistics for them from the U.S. Shooting Team include:

Kim Rhode
Kim Rhode


Kim Rhode

Date of Birth: 07/16/1979

Hometown: El Monte, Calif.

Event: Women’s Skeet

Kim got her competitive start in American Skeet at the age of 10. After winning the World Championship at age 13, she became captain of the All-American Team. This opened the door to the Olympic style of International Double Trap and International Skeet. She has captured 14 National Championship gold medals since making the National Team in 1995. Kim’s career also includes 35 medals in international competitions including five Olympic medals.  She is the first U.S. Olympian competing in an individual sport to win five medals in five consecutive Olympic Games. She was the 2015 Pan American Games Team USA flagbearer and would later go on to earn Pan Am gold.

Taking time off after her success in the 2004 Olympic Games, Rhode returned in 2006 with a new focus: the Women’s Skeet event. Women’s Double Trap was removed from the Olympic Games following the 2004 Games in Athens. Rhode successfully pocketed a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Games in Women’s Skeet. She is a member of the Safari Club International and an honorary lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

SPORT ACCOLADES:  Her five Olympic medals are 3 more than any other woman and 2 more than any other man in the shotgun discipline…Only three other women have won five medals in shooting…A sixth medal in Rio would make her the all-time winning medalist among women in shooting…Only one other shooter in history, Yifu Wang of China, has earned six medals in Olympic competition…Rhode is in a rare group of seven shooters all-time having earned five or more Olympic medals… Her 24 World Cup medals is most all-time in shotgun, men or women. She’s earned eight more World Cup medals than any other woman in the shotgun discipline.

OLYMPIC ACCOLADES:  Only American to have won five individual medals…Trying to become just the third woman in Olympic history to win medals in six Olympic Games, joining Birgit Schmidt-Fischer (GER/Canoe) and Elisabeta Oleniuc-Lipa (ROM/Rowing)…In Rio, will become just the second U.S. woman ever to compete in six Olympic Games.

Rhode is now the first American to qualify for Olympic teams on five different continents.

A sixth consecutive Olympic medal in Rio and Rhode would stand alone in U.S. Olympic history as the only person ever to earn six consecutive Olympic medals.  After earning a fifth medal in London, she already owns the mark for those competing in an individual sport but this would put her ahead of Dara Torres (swimming) and Teresa Edwards (basketball) for most consecutive Olympic medals earned by an American. A sixth medal would also tie her with luge great Armin Zöggeler of Italy for most consecutive individual Olympic medals by any Olympian.

Competition Highlights

  • 5-time Olympic Medalist (’96 gold, ’00 bronze, ’04 gold, ’08 bronze, ’12 gold)
  • 28-time World Cup Medalist (14 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze) including four World Cup Finals medals
  • 14-time USA Shooting National Champ (’11, ’10, ’09, ’08, ’07, ’04, ’03, ’02, ’01, ’00, ’98, ’97, ’96, ’95)
  • Won her first World Cup gold medal in Double Trap in 1996 in Lonato, Italy
  • Won her first World Cup medal in 1995, Double Trap Bronze in Seoul, South Korea

Year-by-Year Highlights

    • 2016
      • Olympian
      • World Cup Rio, Bronze Medalist
    • 2015
      • Pan American Games, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Alcapulco, Gold Medalist
    • 2014
      • World Cup Munich, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Almaty, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Tucson, Bronze Medalist
    • 2012
      • Olympic Games, Gold Medalist (Skeet), 10th Place (Trap)
      • USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
      • World Cup Tucson, Gold
      • World Cup London, Bronze
    • 2011
      • Pan American Games, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Final, Gold Medalist
      • World Clay Target Championship, Bronze Medalist
      • World Cup Sydney, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Beijing, Silver Medalist
      • National Champion
    • 2010
      • World Champion
      • 2010 World Cup Final, Silver Medalist
      • National Champion
    • 2009
      • World Cup San Marino, Silver Medalist
      • World Cup Munich, Bronze Medalist
      • 2009 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
      • National Champion
    • 2008
      • Olympic Silver Medalist (Skeet)
      • World Cup Kerrville, Silver Medalist
      • National Champion (Skeet)
      • USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
    • 2007
      • Pan American Games Silver Medalist (Skeet)
      • 2007 World Clay Target Championship, 6th Place
      • World Cup Santo Domingo, Gold Medalist
      • National Champion (Skeet)
      • USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
    • 2004
      • Olympic Gold Medalist (Double Trap; 5th Place, Skeet)
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 2003
      • Pan American Games, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
      • World Cup Finals, Bronze Medalist
      • World Cup Perth, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Granada, Silver Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 2002
      • World Championship, 5th Place & Team Silver (Double Trap)
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 2001
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 2000
      • Olympic Bronze Medalist (Double Trap)
      • World Cup Finals, Bronze Medalist
      • World Cup Lonato, Bronze Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 1999
      • Pan American Games, Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
    • 1998
      • World Championships Silver Medalist (Double Trap)
      • World Cup Lonato, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Cairo, Gold Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 1997
      • World Cup Seoul, Gold Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 1996
      • Olympic Gold Medalist (Double Trap)
      • World Cup Lonato, Gold Medalist
      • World Cup Atlanta, Bronze Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 1995
      • World Championships Team Gold Medalist (Skeet)
      • World Championships Team Bronze Medalist (Double Trap)
      • World Cup Seoul, Bronze Medalist
      • National Champion (Double Trap)
    • 1994 – Swept all three disciplines (skeet, trap & double trap) at National Junior Olympic Championships.
Corey Cogdell-Unrein
Corey Cogdell-Unrein

Corey Cogdell-Unrein

Date of Birth: 9/2/1986

Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska

Event: Women’s Trap

Corey grew up hunting with her father. She began at 3 years old, which fostered a love for shooting. A few years later, she joined the 4-H program and started to develop her trap shooting skills. The experience pushed her to seek out teaching resources from others in the field. At each competition she picked up shooting tips from other athletes, learned to self analyze from her first coach and even traveled for a lesson alongside four-time Olympian Bret Erickson.

Corey made the National Development Team in 2006 at Fall Selection when she placed first in the Junior Women’s Trap competition after shooting for only a few years. That same day, she made the National Team when her score also placed her third in the Women’s Trap competition. In her first international competition, the 2007 Changwon World Cup, Cogdell captured the bronze medal. Shortly after, Cogdell captured the bronze at the 2007 Pan American Games. She earned a spot on her first U.S. Olympic Team in March of 2008. In August of 2008, Corey won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Cogdell is married to Chicago Bears defensive lineman Mitch Unrein.
Competition Highlights

  • 2016 Olympian
  • 2016 World Cup San Marino, Silver Medalist
  • 2015 World Cup Acapulco, Gold Medalist
  • 2014 National Championships, Gold Medalist
  • 2013 World Cup Finals, 12th Place
  • 2013 Fall Selection, Fifth Place
  • 2013 National Championships, Silver Medalist
  • 2013 World Cup Granada, Bronze Medalist (tied qualifying WR of 75/75)
  • 2013 Spring Selection, Silver Medalist
  • 2012 Olympic Games, 11th Place
  • 2012 World Cup Tucson, Gold Medalist
  • 2011 World Clay Target Championship, 6th Place
  • 2010 Championship of the Americas, Gold Medalist
  • 2010 World Championship, 8th Place
  • 2010 National Championship, Bronze Medalist
  • 2010 World Cup Acapulco, Silver Medalist
  • 2009 National Championship, Gold Medalist
  • 2008 Olympic Games, Bronze Medalist
  • 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials, 1st Place
  • 2007 Pan American Games, Bronze Medalist
  • 2007 World Cup Korea, Bronze Medalist
  • 2007 National Championship, Bronze Medalist
Morgan Craft
Morgan Craft

Morgan Craft

Date of Birth: 5/11/93

Hometown: Muncy Valley, Pa.

Event: Women’s Skeet


Morgan started shooting international skeet at 14 years old but before that she began shooting rifles in 4H when she was seven years old because her father and paternal grandparents were instructors for 4H. In high school, she began 4H shotgun and joined the Sullivan County High School shotgun sports team. She earned a varsity letter in shooting, was introduced to international skeet by Charlie Ziegler and honed her skill later with the late BJ McDaniel.

In addition to shooting, she also enjoys skiing and hunting. Morgan was also a member of her high school’s soccer and basketball teams. Craft graduated in 2015 from Lindenwood University majoring in Exercise Science with a career objective to be a physician’s assistant in cardiology.

Craft credits Lindenwood University Sports Psychology professor Paul Wright as an important ingredient in her string of recent success. “He has one of the best personalities and teaching techniques I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. He’s extremely inspiring with all of his stories of brilliant athletic performances, is always positive, and can make anyone laugh continuously. He taught me a lot about myself in my sport and every time I leave his office I feel even more inspired to be a better athlete and just a better person in general.”

Craft earned a 2016 Olympic Team nomination in September 2015 through USA Shooting’s Olympic Points system as a result of her World Championship golden performance and backed by silver and bronze-medal performances in back-to-back World Cup events in 2015. She didn’t finish outside the top-eight internationally once in five events.

Competition Highlights

  • 2016 Olympian
  • 2016 World Cup Cyprus, Gold Medalist
  • 2015 World Champion
  • 2015 World Cup Gabala, Silver Medalist
  • 2015 World Cup Larnaca, Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 USA Shooting National Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2013 USA Shooting National Championships Bronze Medalist
  • 2013 USA Shooting National Championships Junior Champion
  • 2013 Spring Selection Match Bronze Medalist
  • 2012 World Cup Tucson, 4th Place
  • 2011 World Clay Target Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist and Team Gold Medal
  • 2011 Fall Selection, Silver Medalist
  • 2011 National Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist
  • 2010 Fall Selection Junior Silver Medalist
  • 2010 National Championships, Junior Bronze Medalist

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