NECG World Heritage rifle begins to take shape

2017 World Heritage Rifle
Engraver Evelyn Ern works on the trigger guard of the NECG World Heritage Rifle.

Work is underway on the World Heritage Rifle being made by New England Custom Gun this year for auction at the 2017 Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas. This rifle is being built on a Mauser action in 9.3x62mm.

Currently, engraving on some parts is already in progress, as Evelyn Ern brings artistic life to steel, one part at a time.

“The gun will be engraved and then the action will be case colored,” explained Mark Cromwell of NECG. “The one unusual feature the gun will have is that there will be five grip caps, using a detachable system we had used many years ago.”

The rifle will be displayed with an SCI World Heritage grip cap and then there will be four additional grip caps, each featuring a European game animal one might hunt with a 9,3×62. There will be a boar, a stag, a roe deer and a moose grip cap.

“The idea is to build a gun the owner will want to use in the field,” Cromwell explained. “This will allow him to ‘customize’ it for the hunt.”

“The other feature we are incorporating into the gun’s engraving is following along the idea of the “World Heritage” theme,” he said. “We are having an Old World style map of Europe engraved on the floorplate, then Evelyn will find a way to interweave engraving into it.”

Engraving Pattern
This is a sketch of the engraving style Evelyn Ern is using, which is based on an older “Holland & Holland” type of scroll pattern.

“RWS will be making a box of their “Special Edition” ammunition,” said Cromwell. “It will be a display box of 30 rounds of 9,3×62 loaded with their 258-grain H-Mantel bullet. Each case is supposed to be etched with the “SCI World Heritage logo.”

Additionally, Cromwell said: “NECG is also adding a case (200 rounds) of RWS ammunition to go along with gun. We want the purchaser to actually use the gun.”

This year’s World Heritage rifle is the third in a five-rifle series. Each year, one rifle in that series, which honors one of the regions of the world, is auctioned off to the highest bidder during the Saturday evening events at the SCI Convention.

World-Heritage-rifle-trigger-guard-engrave-080216The series began in 2015 with the Africa rifle, made by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery. At the 2016 Convention, the Asia rifle by John Rigby & Co. sold at auction. The NECG rifle, honoring Europe, will go on the auction block in 2017, and the Oceania rifle by Ryan Breeding will be sold at the 2018 SCI Convention. The fifth and final rifle of the series, the Americas rifle, will be made by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery and will be auctioned at the 2019 SCI Convention.–Steve Comus

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