NECG Makes 3rd of 5 in World Heritage Rifle Series

World-Heritage-Rifle-3-The third rifle in the World Heritage Series is built on a Mauser action in 9.3x62mm by New England Custom Gun. This rifle celebrates hunting in Europe.

First in the five-year series was a .416 Rigby built on a Model 70 Winchester action by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery, honoring hunting in Africa. Second in the series was a .275 Rigby built on a Mauser action by John Rigby & Co.

“RWS will be making a box of their “Special Edition” ammunition,” said NECG’s Mark Cromwell. “It will be a display box of 30 rounds of 9,3×62 loaded with their 258-grain H-Mantel bullet. Each case is supposed to be etched with the “SCI World Heritage logo.”

Wolrd-Heritage-Rifle-3-sample-062016Additionally, Cromwell said: “NECG is also adding a case (200 rounds) of RWS ammunition to go along with gun. We want the purchaser to actually use the gun.”

Shown here are images of a rifle NECG is finishing up that is the “Ugly Sister” to the Heritage Rifle and also in 9,3×62, Cromwell explained. The Heritage Rifle will be built on the same kind of action, but will be a higher grade in every respect.

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