New McMillan Stock Designs And Paint Finish

Game Warden stock with GAP Transition paint finish.

McMillan introduced three new hunting and sporting stocks to its collection along with a new camo paint finish. McMillan stocks are manufactured in the United States and carry a lifetime warranty.

According to Kelly McMillan, president, “With the addition of these new stocks and finishes, McMillan continues to lead the industry in producing quality custom rifle stocks.”

McMillan New 2016 Hunting and Sporting Stocks:

Game Warden / Adjustable Game Warden

The Game Warden stock shares the same streamlined design and A-3 vertical pistol grip as McMillan’s popular Game Scout rifle stock, but the new stock features a larger forend that accepts larger contour barrels up to a #8. It is an ambidextrous stock and can be inletted for Remington type and Sako right hand and left hand actions. The stock is available with a fixed comb or with either of the optional integral cheekpieces. The Adjustable Game Warden accepts only Remington type actions.

Game Hunter

Game-HunterThe Game Hunter stock combines the most popular features of McMillan’s hunting and sporting stocks and fits Remington type actions. The stock uses a high Monte Carlo style cheekpiece similar to the McMillan Hunter stock and an A-3 vertical pistol grip from McMillan’s popular Game Scout stock. The vertical pistol grip allows for a smooth transition from a tactical stock to a compact hunting stock. The streamlined forend can accommodate a large contour barrel up to #8. The higher cheek comb allows for the use of scopes with larger diameter bells and objective lenses. Available in right hand only.

Game Scout X-Bolt

McMillan’s Game Scout X-Bolt is the only after market stock made for the Browning X-bolt action and its unique floorplate. It is available for both short and long actions and can accommodate barrels up to a #5 contour.

Transition Camo Series Paint Finish

The Transition Camo Series is McMillan’s newest paint finish that is highly durable and mimics the spray patterns favored by professional tactical units and hunters. The paint McMillan uses is an industrial grade, non-slip pebble finish similar to that found on power tools, office machines and industrial equipment. This polyurethane paint is durable and suitable for harsh conditions. The Transition Camo Series Paint Finish is currently available in three color combinations.

Woodland Transition – Olive, Khaki, Black and Brown

Desert Transition – Tan, Khaki, Brown

GAP Transition – Olive, Khaki, Black

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